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Zombie Clowns

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Zombie Clowns
Zombie clowns
General Information
Leader Zombozo
Creator Zombozo
Other Info
Notable Members Rook Blonko (formerly)
Blukic (formerly)
Driba (formerly)
Max Tennyson (formerly)
Julius (formerly)
Unnamed Thug (formerly)
Several Plumbers (formerly)
She-Worst (formerly)
Natalie Alvarez (formerly)
E-N (formerly)
Several Citizens (formerly)
Allies Circus Freak Trio
First Appearance Something Zombozo This Way Comes

Zombie Clowns are citizens of Bellwood transformed by the Airborne Clown Virus.


The Zombie Clowns are the citizens of Bellwood. They wear a variety of colorful, clownish outfits. These outfits consist of large colorful ruffled collars, and large pink clown shoes. In addition, many also gain bulky white gloves.

Some of the Zombie Clowns also gain bright novelty flowers attached to their chests, which can shoot a stream of concentrated acid from the center.

Whilst under the viruses effect their faces gain the stereotypical white face paint and bright red lips of clowns, their faces and bodies also show the effect of rotting.

Powers and Abilities

Any abilities the infected person possessed are carried over whilst they are under the viruses control. In addition to this, they gain a number of clown related abilities revolving around gag props. They can spit out chattering teeth, which are used to infect others, turning their victims into more Zombie Clowns.

They also have the ability to shoot acid from the flower on their chests, and they have shown to use a pair of shoes tied together as makeshift bolas.


When Zombozo's Zombie Head Ball is destroyed, the effect of the Zombie Clowns virus is reversed, returning them to normal.

The Zombie Clowns aren't that intelligent or independent; their prime objective is to infect others in order to swell their ranks.

They do not move very fast, walking at a slow pace even when under attack.

Zombie Clowns can only say "Come one, come all", with the exception of Driba, who said "Don't come one, don't come all.", showing that, despite his clownification, he continued to argue/disagree with Blukic.


  • The way zombie clowns spit chattering teeth is similiar to the way Vladats spit Corrupturas.

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