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Ledgerdomain Omniverse
General Information
Species Human
First Appearance Where the Magic Happens

Opening by its true name.
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Yawahtacsip, Ledgerdomain as it is known to the natives, or simply The Realm of Magic, is an interdimensional realm believed to be the place from which all magic flows. 

Ultimate Aggregor uses this true name to enter Ledgerdomain to steal the Alpha Rune.

The source of all of Ledgerdomain's power is the Alpha Rune, an all-powerful magical object that gives its wielder absolute power and control of magic itself, by giving its user the knowledge of the secret true name of magic. However, it also corrupts its user and drives them to madness, and its power also corrupts other magical beings, making them fight over it.

Time moves faster in Ledgerdomain than it does on Earth so as a result minutes on Earth can amount to days in Ledgerdomain.


Ledgerdomain In Ultimate Alien
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Ledgerdomain is made up of stone walkways with a few larger land masses and arcs which can act as motion detectors, summoning Stone Golems, controlled by Adwaita.

Ledgerdomain has an unparalleled sky, meaning any being in the air unbound by gravity is unable to return to the ground easily.

Beings who use magic and mana have their powers and abilities vastly strengthened and increased in Ledgerdomain, with even a single eye blast from Gwen effectively exploding into an expanding wave of mana that destroys whatever it hits upon contact but leaves allies unharmed.

Because the Alpha Rune is no longer in Ledgerdomain, the Door to Anywhere cannot access it the way it used to, leaving Ben and his team unable to access Ledgerdomain. It now requires the aid of technology to figure out the true name before it changes.

It is shown in Couples Retreat that the flow of time in Ledgerdomain is different from that of Earth's dimension.

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Visitors


  • According to Dwayne McDuffie, Zoraster (mentioned by Gwen in Ken 10) is located in Ledgerdomain.[1]
  • According to Charmcaster, as of The Enemy of My FrenemyLedgerdomain has a population of 600,000 at the time, including Ben, Gwen and Kevin.
  • According to Hex, Ledgerdomain's name is changing every few seconds.
  • Ledgerdomain's true name has been pronounced differently by different characters.
    • Ultimate Aggregor pronounces it "Yawa Tacsip".
    • Charmcaster pronounces it "Yawa Tocsic".
  • All magic is stronger and more deadly in Ledgerdomain, and as for physical appearance, instead of appearing as just pink, it turns sparkling pink. It also seems to have a corrupting influence on magical beings, as hinted by Spellbinder when he bemoans that his daughter returned there. This is confirmed by the fact that the source of the realm's power, the Alpha Rune, corrupts its user.
  • Yawahtacsip is a reversal of Piscathaway, an alternate spelling of the word Piscataway. Piscataway is the name of a Native American tribe from the Chesapeake Bay area and, in turn, the namesake of several towns, a creek, and a national park in the region.

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