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Wildmutt UA Season 2-12
General Information
Species Vulpimancer
Home World Vulpin
Body Animalistic
Ultimate Form Ultimate Wildmutt
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Super Smelling
Super Hearing
Sharp Teeth
Sharp Claws
Quills Projectiles
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
Tara Strong (dream)
First Appearance And Then There Were 10

Wildmutt is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Vulpimancer from the planet Vulpin.



Wildmutt in the original series.

Wildmutt appears to be a big, orange dog with no eyes or tail. His teeth are very defined and stick out of his mouth. Wildmutt has no eyes, instead using his sense of smell and hearing in vision's place, which are aided by three nostrils located on each side of his neck.

In the original series, Wildmutt wore a brace with the Omnitrix symbol on his left shoulder.

In Ultimate Alien, Wildmutt wears the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest and has orange lips rather than black, also he appears with lighter fur, however he has black lips in the Ultimate Alien Intro.

In Omniverse, 16 year old Wildmutt has black lips, and he now has a green neck brace. The Omnitrix symbol is on his "collar". 11-year old Wildmutt looks exactly the same as the original. In the Omniverse intro, he appeared to have two shoulder braces, but it was stated by Derrick Wyatt that it was an animation error and it will be fixed.

Powers and Abilities

Wildmutt possesses high agility that makes him able to run, jump and climb on objects at high velocity.

Wildmutt has incredible sense of smell. He's able to track people from their scent, even if they are many miles away.


Wildmutt's strength

Wildmutt has enhanced strength, strong enough to rip a car roof off.

Wildmutt possesses sharp claws.

While Wildmutt is normally quadrupedal, he can stand on his hind legs and brandish his front paws into fists to punch.

Wildmutt has the ability to shoot quills from his back, like a porcupine myth, but this has been unseen.


File:Sick Wildmutt.jpg

Wildmutt can't talk, instead, he communicates through a combination of barking and snarling, due to this, it is extremely hard to understand him.

When Wildmutt has a cold, the triple nostrils on his neck get blocked by mucus, making him blind. Also, his fur color seems to "decrease" from its vivid orange to a pale yellow tone.

Wildmutt's senses are very sensitive, making him vulnerable to anything that can overwhelm his senses such as a high pitched sound or a strong smell.

Ben 10,000 Alternate Timeline


Wildmutt in Ben 10,000

In the Ben 10,000 Timeline future, Wildmutt has grown larger. He also has stripes on his back and has sprouted a tail. His appearance has shifted to a more feline form.

Wildmutt wears the Omnitrix symbol on his forehead.

Ben 10

Ultimate Alien

Young Wildmutt UA

Wildmutt used by 10 year old Ben in The Forge of Creation


Video Games

Ben 10: Omniverse (Video Game)

Wildmutt is a playable character in the game.

Naming and Translations

===Ben 10===

Ben 10 Shorts

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Wildmutt UA Intro

Wildmutt in the Ultimate Alien Intro



  • Opening Sequence


Language Name Origin
Portuguese Besta From besta, beast.
Bulgarian Див Пес From див/div, wild and пес/pes mutt.
Burmese Tiger Monkey
Croatian Psina From psina, mutt.
Dutch Stomkop/Wildmutt From stomkop, mute head
German Das Biest From das biest, the beast.
Italian Bestiale From bestiale, bestial.
Polish Dzikipysk From dziki, wild and pysk, mouth.
Swedish Vilden From vilden, savage.
Serbian Џукац/Džukac From џукац/džukac, tike.
Spanish Bestia/Feral From bestia, beast and fiero, wild.
Türkçe Yaban Köpek From yaban, wild and köpek, dog.
Hungarian Vadorzó From vadorzó, poacher.
French Sauvage Savage
Hebrew פרא From פרא, wild
Russian Дикий пёс
Космический пёс
From дикий пёс, wild dog
From космический пёс, cosmic dog
Greek Αγριόσκυλο From 'Άγριο, wild and Σκυλί, dog


  • Wildmutt is Ben's first intentional transformation.
  • The first segment of Wildmutt's transformation is the same as Four Arms and XLR8's.
  • According to Dwayne, Vulpimancers do have a language, but it is too difficult for Universal Translators to translate and Wildmutt doesn't know it.
  • Wildmutt's name in the Croatian version of the cartoon, Psina, means "Great Dog", but the same word is sometimes used to name several sharks, especially the Great white shark, which sometimes caused naming confusions between him and Ripjaws.
  • In the opening of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Wildmutt's lips are black instead of orange.

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