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War of the Worlds: Part 1 is the twenty-fifth episode of Ben 10: Alien Force.


In space, the Highbreed fleet is seen attacking Galvan Prime. Paradox comes in to save Azmuth, but Azmuth says there was no point in being saved since without the Galvan, the universe is doomed. Paradox rescues Azmuth anyway.

Ben is practicing soccer with his sports team when Paradox comes to get him, and they go to Mr. Smoothy to meet Kevin, Gwen, and Azmuth. Paradox tells them to destroy the Hyperspace Jump Gate to prevent the Highbreed invasion, and they plan to go and take out the Jump Gate.

Azmuth tells Kevin and Gwen to leave to get teammates with Professor Paradox. In a cornfield, Alan transforms into a Pyronite and captures a DNAlien before getting recruited. Kevin, Gwen, and Professor Paradox return and Azmuth faced Ben. He wants to tell him the truth about the Omnitrix, and then the recruiting group come to find Cooper testing out his intangibility glove. He creates robotic armor, wanting to come. While Ben faces Azmuth, Azmuth tells him that he could revive any species, including the human race, using the DNA samples within the Omnitrix, and thus, must not risk it in battle against the Highbreed.

Ben is upset because he wants to fight, and Azmuth tries to convince him not to. Later, Kevin, Gwen, Professor Paradox, Alan, and Cooper are seen in a Plumber's base, where the latter is using a machine to contact Darkstar, who is still trapped in the Null Void. They free him, and he is now forced to help, since the Earth being destroyed means he will die too. Meanwhile, Ben and Azmuth argue until the Galvan gives up and sees the cause Ben was fighting for. He uses voice commands to activate the Omnitrix's Master Control, allowing access to all alien forms.

Allied with Gwen, Kevin, Professor Paradox, Julie, Ship, Alan, Cooper, and Darkstar, they depart for Los Soledad, where the Highbreed are building the Jump Gate, which Cooper found using a cloaking field. As they reach the town, Ben transforms into Cannonbolt, an alien transformation that he originally had when he was a kid, and saying he felt nostalgic, and they enter the cloaking field. A massive army of DNAliens come into sight and hence, an enormous battle begins.

Kevin absorbs matter, and Gwen uses her mana to fight the DNAliens. Alan turns into his Pyronite form and Julie serves well as backup, transforming Ship into a battle aircraft. Cooper utilizes the armor he has and Darkstar starts to take the DNAliens' energy, but Cannonbolt arrives to stop him and uses the Omnitrix to cure the weakened DNAliens.

Cannonbolt tires himself out from overusing the Omnitrix in order to transform the DNAliens back into normal, and collapses on the ground and transforms back into Ben. After he recovers, Cooper turnes his suit into genetic damage reversing weapons. The battle continues. The Highbreed activate the Jump Gate as the group tries to destroy it, eventually resulting in Ben transforming into his largest alien, Way Big. While attempting to destroy the Jump Gate. However, the activation of the Jump Gate severely injures Way Big, who transforms back into Ben, who drifts into unconsciousness, just as the Highbreed fleet arrives on Earth.

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  • Kevin's full name is revealed to be Kevin Ethan Levin.



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Azmuth: I would have a word with the wielder of my Omnitrix... in private.
Kevin: Right, like I'm gonna miss this. See ya when you get back, Gwen.
Gwen: (grabs Kevin)
Kevin: Hey!
Gwen: Kevin Ethan Levin, you come with us right now!
Ben: "Ethan"? Your name is "Kevin E. Levin"? You just lost all remaining pretence of cool.
Kevin: (to Gwen) You promised you'd never tell!

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Kevin: What's so important that I had to miss the auto show?
Azmuth: The imminent destruction of your primitive world and all who live here.
Gwen: But if you'd rather go look at a new convertible, by all means.

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Professor Paradox: Azmuth, come with me.
Azmuth: There's no point, time-walker. The Highbreed armada caught us totally by surprise. Galvan's planetary defenses are down. We don't have a chance. And without the Galvan, no other race in the galaxy has a chance either.
Professor Paradox: But, and I hesitate to say this to the smartest being in the universe, that's where you're wrong.
Azmuth: Explain.
Professor Paradox: We do have a chance. The chance you made for us.
Azmuth: That is not what the Omnitrix is for.
Professor Paradox: The boy has proven more than once that it can be used for purposes beyond what you intended.
Azmuth: Perhaps.
Professor Paradox: Come with me to Earth.
Azmuth: I'm not leaving my home, not now.
Professor Paradox: (walks near Azmuth) And I'm not going back without you. (a Highbreed warship charges up a powerful beam and fires it straight at Azmuth and Paradox's location) I hope that you sincerely reconsider in the next 3 seconds or so. (Azmuth looks at Paradox, beam hits their location, Azmuth and Paradox teleport away in the nick of time)

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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French La Guerre des Mondes, 1ère partie The War of the Worlds: 1st part
Hungarian Világok harca, Első rész Worlds' War: Part 1
Portuguese (Br) Guerra dos Mundos, 1ª Parte War of the Worlds, 1st Part
Spanish (HA) La Guerra de los Mundos: Primera Parte The War of the Worlds: First Part
Spanish (Spain) La Guerra De Los Mundos: 1° Parte The War of the Worlds: 1st Part



  • According to Dwayne, there were no female Galvan or children in the crowd at the beginning because the females were at home/work and the children were at school.
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