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Vreedle, Vreedle is the sixth episode of season 3 of Ben 10: Alien Force.


While Julie is playing with Ship, the Vreedle Brothers attack them. Julie signals Ben, who arrives as Jetray. After Jetray transforms back into normal, Ben tries to transform into Humungousaur in order to defeat them, but he transforms into Echo Echo instead due to the Omnitrix malfunctioning. They find out about the Court Order to "repossess" Ship, so Ben and Kevin go to the planet Coda Coda to get rid of the order. While Ben and Kevin talked about Julie and Gwen, Julie and Gwen talked about Ben and Kevin. Ben and Kevin soon discover that Baz-El (Ship's owner) wants Ship back. Judge Domstol recognizes Kevin and appears to lean the court in Baz-El's favor, but Ben decides to use his status as hero to get an edge. He transforms into Humungousaur to get close to the judge, and leans on the desk, but his weight ends up collapsing it. In the end, Humungousaur transforms back into Ben and Domstol makes the court rule in Ben's favor, and apologizes for wasting the Omnitrix wielder's time on such a menial affair. They then hurry back home, with Baz-El asking if he could get a ride.

Coda Coda

The High Court

Meanwhile, Julie and Gwen are still being attacked by the Vreedle Brothers. Ship changes into a battle suit for Julie. In the end, the Vreedles trap Gwen and Julie, but Ben and Kevin arrived in time, with Baz-El. After Rhomboid Vreedle blasts Baz-El when he hears that the brothers won't be getting paid, Ben transforms into Goop and defeats them and when Baz-El regenerates he gives Ship to a delighted Julie. The four look at the damage they had caused at Mr. Smoothy and Ben wonders when Mr. Smoothy will start selling smoothies. Then Ben thinks that Julie is putting a huge strain on their relationship, but Kevin says that Ship is just a dog.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Baz-El ultimately decides to let Ship stay with Julie.
  • It is revealed that Ship can merge with Julie to create a battle armor.

Character Debuts



Aliens Used



Gwen: Ugh! You okay in there Julie?!
Julie: Great, this is fun.
Octagon: (Throws disc at Gwen's mana shield, causing it to shrink.)
Gwen: (Examines hands) Ugh! this is not good! (Runs behind Julie and ship) You sure you don't wanna shoot them?
Julie: Uh-huh.
Gwen: Then we need a distraction.

Quotes Right


Kevin: Your honor, Baz-El has hired a couple of dog catchers to take away some poor kid's dog. I mean, who does that?
Ben: (Walking in front of Kevin) Let me handle this.
Kevin: No! I'm handing it, we agreed!

Quotes Right

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French Les rois de la récup' The kings of scrap
Hungarian Vreedle fivérek Vreedle Brothers
Portuguese (Br) Devolução Return
Spanish (Spain) La Recuperacion The Recovery



  • The episode was originally called Don't Fear the Repo, but it was later changed to Vreedle, Vreedle.
    • The episode still airs in Australia, India, and Poland under the former title.
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