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Voliticus Biopsis

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Voliticus Biopsis
Voliticus Biopsis3
General Information
Home World Primus
Body Insectoid
Powers and abilities
Abilities Flight
Enhanced Speed
Able to collect DNA samples
First Appearance Primus

Voliticus Biopsis are flying mosquito-like aliens from the planet Primus.


Voliticus Biopsis are blue robotic mosquito/wasp-like creatures with two pairs of wings. They have eyes with black sclera and green pupils. They also have four legs.


Voliticus Biopsis5

In Primus

Voliticus Biopsis are mosquito-like creatures created by Azmuth that collect DNA samples from sentient aliens for the Codon Stream.

It is never specified what process Azmuth used to make them.

Notable Voliticus Biopsis


The name Voliticus Biopsis comes from Latin '"volat", meaning fly and "bio", meaning life.


  • In the video game Halo, if the player plays on the custom edition using mods, the Yanme'e bear a resemblance to them.

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