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Voided 2
General Information
Original broadcast December 5, 2008
Series Ben 10: Alien Force
Season 2
Episode number 21
Overall episode number 73
Written by Jim Krieg
Directed by Butch Lukic
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Voided is the twenty-first episode of Ben 10: Alien Force.


The episode starts when Gwen and Ben are in Ben's room. They receive a message from Helen Wheels through her telepathic abilities. Suddenly, Gwen receives another message from Helen just as Kevin walks in. Helen and Manny call on Ben to help deal with a dangerous foe in the Null Void.

Gwen then gets a headache and almost passes out. Gwen says that they should all go to help, but Ben tells them that he is going alone. They end up in Kevin's garage, where Gwen opens a portal to the Null Void while Kevin attaches a Plumber Snake to a jetpack that Ben is wearing so they won't lose him in the Null Void.

Once inside, Ben sees an alien who is being attacked by Null Guardians. Ben saves him, but while he is doing so, the cable that he was attached to broke. Meanwhile, the alien that Ben saved told him about D'Void who has taken control of the Null Guardians and enslaved the inhabitants of the Null Void.

Using them as slaves, he has built a machine to drill through the dimensional wall, hoping to bring his army to take over Earth. While they are sitting down talking, Ben and his new friend are attacked by D'Void, but before he can get to them, Manny and Helen come out of nowhere and attack him. They fail, but Ben recognizes D'Void as one of his former enemies: Dr. Animo.


The gang escapes from D'Void, and they go back to Helen and Manny's hideout. There, Ben learns that Manny lost his hand fighting D'Void once. Ben also tells them that D'Void is actually one of the former villains that he fought back on Earth. Ben also finds out that the Null Void isn't a prison, it's a penal colony originally started by the Galvans. When some of the prisoners turned peaceful and decided to start over, the Galvans created the Null Guardians to separate the good and bad. Helen suggests that Ben go see their leader, The Wrench, for help in defeating Dr. Animo.

While they're on their way there, Pierce shows up and tells Ben that he will have to beat him in order to see the Wrench. Ben loses, but Pierce lets him through anyway because it was a test to see if he was one of D'Void's spies.

Before they go in the cave that the Wrench is in, Pierce tells Ben not to eat anything that he offers him. Ben tells the Wrench about his problem, but the Wrench turns around and Ben sees who he really is: Grandpa Max.

Ben and Max hug each other. Max explains that when he used the Null Void projector as a hand grenade, it sent him to the Null Void instead of killing him. He wonders why Ben lost and Ben says he did it on purpose. Upon finding out that D'Void wants to create a machine that will take his alien army into Earth, Max makes a plan to destroy D'Void and his machine that's making a hole between the dimensions. The prisoners are mining rock that powers the machine Dr. Animo is building.

Gwen hand

Gwen trying to get back Ben

They sneak in and Ben discovers that Animo's new found invulnerability is a result of his generator super charging him and uses Big Chill to ice it. Gwen opens another portal for Ben and is overjoyed to discover that Max is alive. Ben tries to convince Max and the others to come back with him, but Max and the others have to set things straight in the Void first and Ben returns home.

Major Events



Aliens Used



Ben: That's it. Hang tight, Grandpa.
Grandpa Max: What are you doing?
D' Void: Ben Tennyson fleeing before me! The Wrench at my mercy... and then, a world to conquer!
Ben: Sounds like a busy day! I hope you had a big breakfast!
D' Void: What?
Grandpa Max: Ben, get away from there!
Ben: This furnace, it doesn't only power the drill, it powers him. That's why he's so much stronger here, in his fortress! And that's why it has to go! (Ben jumps down the drill)
Grandpa Max: Nooooo!
Ben: (while falling down the drill, transforms into Big Chill) Let's see how cold I can make this thing!
D' Void: You'll join him soon enough! (suddenly the the entire drill freezes, and starts freezing the fortress) What! Impossible! (a piece from the drill breaks, thus making the Null Guardians to retreat) Nooo! Noooooo! (D'Void goes to attack Max, but instead is twice slapped by Max, making him unconscious)
Big Chill: (rises from a piece of ice, reverts back to Ben) Nice work!
Grandpa Max: I did have a big breakfast!

Quotes Right


D' Void: (after Ben saves Manny as Brainstorm) Who dares?!
Brainstorm: That isn't how to tell a joke, miscreant! First, I say, knock knock! Then you say who dares!
D' Void: You would mock D' Void?!
Brainstorm: D' Void A.K.A Dr. Animo! I most certainly would mock you. I'm doing so now. I'll be it... subtlety.

Quotes Right


Pierce: (while leading Ben to the Wrench) Don't eat anything he offers you!
Ben: (standing behind the Wrench, unable to see the face) Mr. Wrench, I don't mean to get in the middle of your war, this whole dimension is destabilizing.
The Wrench: (revealing himself to be none other than Max) Why don't you tell me about it while eating my favorite centipede Gumbo!
Ben: (appears to be shocked, then he and Max embrace each other and start laughing, Pierce being there to say if anything doesn't go wrong, he also seems surprised by the reunion) So, you gonna make me ask?
Grandpa Max: Well when I detonated that Null Void grenade, it didn't blast me to Kingdom Come, it blasted me here. I meant to come back home, but once I saw how badly these folks were being oppressed...
Ben: You took it upon yourself to eighty-six Dr. Animo's rein once and for all!
Grandpa Max: Yeah. Or at least throw a monkey wrench into the machinery.
Ben: Hence the Wrench. And the helpers, Plumbers' helpers! I just got it.
Grandpa Max: Pierce here helped me round up everybody willing to fight D' Void. But enough about me. What are you doing here? How did you get here? And how on Earth did Pierce beat you?
Ben: (jokingly) I... kinda let him win!
Pierce: (raising the spikes on his face) You what?!
Ben: I figured it was the only way you would lead me to the Wrench, uh, Grandpa. (realizes and puts his spikes off)

Quotes Right


Ben: Are you still a doctor, Animo?
D' Void: What?!
Ben: 'Cause it hurts when I do THIS! (Transforms into Humungousaur) HUMUNGOUSAUR! (attempts to stomp D'Void, but he dodges)

Quotes Right


  • Manny's hand with the clamp
  • Error hand
  • Error lightning
  • Error lasers
  • Error 10
  • Error Ben's hair
  • Although Manny was missing a hand and it was replaced with a clamp, shortly after the Null Guardians appear and he jumps in their direction and starts shooting, all four of his hands are there. This mistake is fixed afterwards when Manny is standing still.
  • When Ben was in his room talking to Gwen about his doll house, his hair color changes (instead of brown with black shadows it is the other way around).
  • Brainstorm's lightning is blue instead of yellow.
  • Chromastone's lasers are green instead of multi-colored.
  • During a segment where Ben flies through the Null Void, his right arm is thicker than his left (Also shown on this page's icon).
  • In one scene, the colors of the "10" on Ben's jacket were inverted.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French L'Être et le Néant The Being and the Void
Hungarian D Űr D'Void
Portuguese (BR) Anulado Voided
Spanish (HA) Proyectado Projected
Spanish (Spain) Vacíos Empty


  • Manny is now missing his lower left hand and uses a clamp.
  • A clue is given that Grandpa Max is the Wrench when Pierce tells Ben not to eat anything the Wrench offers him so. This sentence directs to the weird taste of food Max has.
  • It is revealed that Kevin owns supplies required to get into the Null Void.

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