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General Information
Species Chimera Sui Generis
Squid Monsters
First Appearance Ghost Town

Vilgaxia (formerly known as Murray) is the Chimera Sui Generis homeworld.


Vilgax Palace

Vilgax's Palace

Alien Force

Vilgaxia was introduced in Ghost Town, where Zs'Skayr attacked Vilgaxia, possessing all the citizens and turning them into his Ectonurite slaves. After several vain attempts to stop the infestation (including alternating the planet's sun constitution so its light would weaken Ectonurites), Vilgax escaped Vilgaxia and asked for Ben's help. Despite their differences, Ben accepted and after some complications, freed the planet from Zs'Skayr's control. As an agreement between them, Ben promised to not tell anyone what happened there, and Vilgax gained credit for Zs'Skayr's defeat.




Vilgaxia was seen again in Vilgax Must Croak, where Milleous attempted to overthrow the planet. However, he was unable to; due to Attea's failure in killing Vilgax, the citizens learned about the incident and put up a massive resistance, forcing the Incurseans to retreat. 


Simbolo de Vilgaxia

The Vilgaxia Symbol

Little has been revealed about Vilgaxia so far. Vilgaxia includes a large city with a large, fortress-like palace, home to its current ruler, Vilgax.

The atmosphere is teal in color, temporarily dark orange during Ghost Town, and looks as if the surface is underwater. Closer to the horizon the atmosphere fades and reveals space. The atmosphere also makes it impossible to see the terrain when the planet is viewed from space.

Some of the known terrain consists of light green mountain ranges.

Notable Inhabitants

Non-native species

Notable Visitors


  • Vilgaxia has at least 2 moons.
  • Vilgaxia's insignia is similar to the insignia of the Marvel Comics terrorist organization Hydra, which bears a tentacled human skull.
  • The Vilgaxian population's absolute loyalty to Vilgax, in addititon to their blindness to his evil actions, somewhat resembles the current status of North Korea.


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