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Nano Vilgax

The Vilgax Nano is a miniature version of Vilgax that supports the player in the game FusionFall.


FF Nano Vilgax

The Nano has the appearance of Vilgax from the original series, Ben 10, albeit a lot smaller.


Nano Powers

  • Secure Perimeter - Radar
Vilgax allows you to see additional monsters on the NanoCom mini-map.
  • Light Speed - Run - Self
Vilgax uses alien tech to grant you a burst of speed.
  • Null Void Passage - Recall - Group
Use another dimension to warp your group to safety in an infected zone.


  • Similar to Ben's Transformations, he is also a Cosmix nano.
  • A nano ability that is unlike Vilgax is that one of his powers is to run from battle, though the real Vilgax would never run from a fight. However, he did try to run from Way Big in Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix after his army was destroyed.
  • He is one of the nanos that is a villan based on Ben 10 and is based on all of FusionFall's Nanos.
  • One of his abilities involves seeing monsters on the player's map; this is a reference how Vilgax constantly tracks Ben or other characters throughout the Ben 10 series.