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Vilgax's Drones
Vilgax Robot4

Vilgax's drones are drones created by Vilgax to serve him and get the Omnitrix. Drones are robotic rather than organic and are red in color. These drones can merge with an organic life form as shown in The Alliance and Vilgax can also telepathetically control the merged signal. There are also gigantic robots which serve him. He mentioned that Vilgax created robots because no one else dared to be around him.

Types of Drone

Basic Drone

First Appearance: And Then There Were 10

These small, weak, UFO-shaped drones were the most commonly seen drones in the series. They were capable of flight and had several small limbs armed with lasers and blades. They can also fuse with organic creatures (e.g. Rojo).

Gigantic Robot Drones

First Appearance: And Then There Were 10

Roughly 40 feet tall with more humanoid features and 3 insectoid legs. They possess great strength and large claws, can spawn Basic Drones from their shoulders, can shoot laser blasts, and spin their legs to make a mini-tornado.


First Appearence: And Then There Were 10

Small humanoid drones that are barely used for combat, and usually seen on Vilgax's ship. They are capable of speech, unlike other drones, and possess laser guns, grenades, and jet packs.


First Appearance: The Visitor

Slightly larger than the Basic Drone, and barely any different in appearance, though Mechadroids have recognizable faces and spider-like legs rather than the Basic Drone's limbs. They are able to merge with machines in order to gain more abilities, such as attaching a tank to itself to use its cannon, and for each machine merged with, they grow larger and stronger.

Large Bioids

First Appearance: Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix

Humanoid drones that are larger than the normal bioids. They are more durable and carry laser cannons.

Flying Bioids

First Appearance: Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix

Robots that have the heads of the humanoid bioids, but have bigger bodies with pincer-like arms and legs. They are capable of flight in atmosphere and outer space. Their pincer limbs can cut through space pods and have laser cannons.

Bioid Army

First Appearance: The Final Battle: Part 1

An army of hundreds upon thousands of tall, white, synthetic drones with no faces or weapons. They have blank DNA, and can be synced to the Omnitrix in order to transform all of them into any form selected(basically making an army out of one alien form), giving them any and all of that alien's powers. They communicate by chanting the name of the alien form they are currently in.

Insectoid Drones

First Appearance: Ben 10: Protector of Earth

Their weapons are scythes, lasers, drills, bombs, and photon arrays.

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