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Victor Emilio Validus

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General Information
Species Human
Age Unknown (deceased)
Affiliations Max Tennyson
Occupation(s) Plumber
Relatives Elena Validus (daughter)
Alias Dr. Victor Emilio Validus
Voice Actor Brian George
Actor Herbert Siguenza
First Appearance Ben 10: Alien Swarm

Victor Emilio Validus was the father of Elena Validus and first appeared in the movie Ben 10: Alien Swarm. He was the former pupil of Max, who planned on passing command of the Plumbers of Earth to Validus and retire. However, Validus was discovered stealing alien technology. Feeling deeply betrayed by Validus, Max did not believe him when he explained that the alien technology he stole was in reality an alien species known as the Hive. Validus was expelled from the Plumbers in shame. Later, Max would discover this was a mistake.


Alien Swarm

Prior to the movie, Validus was studying the chips to find a weakness. During his studies he became host to the Queen of the hive. Using his Plumber knowledge, the queen upgraded the chips and later used his body to mass produce them. When the team arrived to destroy the queen, they discovered that he was host to her. While Gwen and Kevin insisted on killing Validus and the queen with him, Ben decided to use his latest transformation, Nanomech, to go into Validus's body and fight the queen head on.

With The Queen gone, Validus reunites with his daughter and Max apologizes for not believing him. Validus admits he was wrong to have tried to do it alone, and realizes he should have gone to Max for help in the first place.

Ultimate Alien

Multiple clones of Victor appear in Revenge of the Swarm. The real Victor was presumed dead, which ended up being true when Gwen sensed him underground in the cemetery. His daughter, Elena, found some of the Nanochips and studied them. It turned out that she was being controlled by them and could make them shapeshift into anything at will. The chips rendered into the form of Victor and attacked Gwen and Kevin.


Ben 10: Alien Force

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


  • Victor Validus bears a striking resemblance to Doctor Octopus from Spiderman, particularly the nanochip clones whom have several tentacles coming from their backs much like Doctor Octopus.

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