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|affiliation = [[Marty]] (neighbour)
|affiliation = [[Marty]] (neighbour)
|age = 64 (original series)
|age = 64 (original series)
70 (Omniverse)
|first = Permanent Retirement
|first = Permanent Retirement
|occupation = Retired
|occupation = Retired
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*''[[Permanent Retirement]] ''(first appearance)
*''[[Permanent Retirement]] ''(first appearance)
===Ben 10: Omniverse===
===Ben 10: Omniverse===
*Vera will appear along with Ben's cousin, [[Clyde Fife]] in a future episode.<ref></ref>
*''[[Clyde Five]]'' (first reappearance)<ref></ref>

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Vera Tennyson
Vera Tennyson
General Information
Species Human
Age 64 (original series)
Affiliations Marty (neighbour)
Occupation(s) Retired
Powers and Abilities
Relatives Verdona Tennyson (sister-in-law)
Bill Tennyson (father)
Ashley Ethelridge (mother)
Jedediah (uncle)
Gordon Tennyson (brother)
Joel Tennyson (nephew)
Betty Jean Tennyson (sister-in-law)
Carl Tennyson (nephew)
Frank Tennyson (nephew)
Sunny's mother (niece)
Sunny's father (newphew)
Sunny (great-niece)
Sandra Tennyson (niece-in-law)
Natalie Tennyson (niece-in-law)
Kenneth Tennyson (great-newphew)
Ben Tennyson (great-nephew)
Gwen Tennyson (great-niece)

Kenny Tennyson (great-great-nephew)(alternate timeline)
Gwendolyn Tennyson (great-great-niece)(alternate timeline)
14 Necrofriggians (great-great nieces/nephews)

Alias Aunt Vera (Ben and Gwen)
Pincher (Max)
Voice Actor Miriam Flynn
First Appearance Permanent Retirement

Vera Tennyson is the oldest sister of Gordon Tennyson and Max Tennyson and the great-aunt of both Ben and Gwen Tennyson who first appeared in Permanent Retirement. She lives in a retirement community situated in the middle of a desert. She was living peacefully in the retirement community until the Limax appeared, but luckily, Ben defeated them.

Vera seems to never be aware of aliens or her brother's life as a plumber. However at the end of the episode it was alluded she knows more than she lets on.


Ben 10Edit

Ben 10: OmniverseEdit


  • Vera likes to cook strange foods, like her brother, Max.
  • Vera likes building ships in a bottle.
  • Vera collects stuffed rare birds.


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