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General Information
Original broadcast March 19, 2010
Series Ben 10: Alien Force
Season 3
Episode number 44
Overall episode number 96
Written by Len Wein
Directed by Rick Morales
Episode Guide
Previous episode Above and Beyond
Next episode The Final Battle: Part 1

Vendetta is the forty-fourth episode of Ben 10: Alien Force.


A deadly criminal known as "Ragnarok" breaks out of the Null Void, and begins a search for a mysterious key. Meanwhile, Kevin returns home to find his house ransacked. His mom (in her first appearance) then confesses the truth about Ragnarok. Kevin then asks Ben and Gwen if they know anything about Ragnarok, and when they tell him that they have no knowledge, he tells them to stay out of the situation.

The two, now concerned, decide to investigate anyway. Ben as Jetray flies with Gwen to ask Grandpa Max if he knows anything about the escape as well as an alien named Ragnarok. He confesses of having a partner named Devin, who gave his life to stop Ragnarok several years back. His partner's full name was Devin Levin, Kevin's dad. Ben and Gwen track Kevin with his Plumber's Badge and together force Ragnarok to flee.


Gwen, Ben and Kevin following Ragnarok

Gwen then helps Kevin find the "key," (a item Ragnarok needs to get to his ship we learn was disguised as a picture frame) but Ragnarok steals it, then teleports to his ship. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin manage to transport themselves via the same signal, but before they find Ragnarok, Kevin tricks the other two to get into an escape pod.

With Ben and Gwen descending down to Earth, Kevin can have his revenge. He and Ragnarok battle, while Kevin causes the entire ship to de-stabilize into a vortex. Ragnarok begs Kevin to save him, stating that his father would save him.


Max and Devin as Plumber partners

Despite his desperation, Kevin merely takes his key and lets him get sucked into the vortex. When Ben and Gwen see the ship explode, Gwen starts to cry, thinking that Kevin was dead. Ben tries to calm her down by telling her that Kevin was a hero to the very end.

Kevin then shows up, making a joke about them caring about him. Ben is surprised that he survived and Gwen ran up to Kevin, hugging him and telling him that she was worried. Ben and Gwen ask what happened; he simply states that Ragnarok didn't make it.

Major Events



Aliens Used



Ben: Hey! Who died and made you boss?
Kevin: If you got a problem with it, you!

Quotes Right


Gwen: He's going through a lot, Ben. He idolizes his father and...(whispers) We have to find Ragnarok before Kevin does. I'm afraid of what he might do.
Ben: Kevin? Come on. He talks all tough, but he would never-
Kevin: Guys. Quick, come here! (Ben and Gwen run towards him) This way, I found him! (Points to what appears to be a small room)
Ben: We have to be ready for any- (Realizes Ragnarok isn't there) Hey! What is this? (Kevin seals Ben and Gwen in the room)
Gwen: It's an escape pod!
Ben: This isn't funny, Levin. Let us out!!
Kevin: Just remember, Tennyson, I asked you to stay out of this! (launches the escape pod)
Gwen: Oh, Kevin, what have you done?
Ben: There's got to be a way for us to get back there.
Gwen: It's on auto pilot to Earth. No controls. No space suits. Kevin is on his own.
Ben:(angry) Just like he planned it.

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Devin: Max! He's getting closer!
Max: Ship won't go any faster, Devin!
Devin: Have you tried flapping your arms?

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Ragnarok: You again? I should have eliminated you when I had the chance!
Kevin: Your mistake.

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Ragnarok: Enough games. Where is my key?
Devin: Have you tried checking under the couch?

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Max: Ben, Gwen! Well, this is a pleasant surprise. You kids interested in one of my famous wombat omelets?
Gwen: Maybe later.

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  • When Ragnarok destroyed the engine coupling of the ship that Max and Devin were in, the ship should have kept going at the same speed due to inertia and lack of friction, but it stopped completely.
  • In Darkstar Rising, Kevin said he never met his father, but in this episode, a picture of Kevin and Devin together was shown.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French Vendetta Vendetta
Hungarian Vérbosszú Vendetta
Portuguese (BR) Vingança Revenge
Spanish (HA) Venganza Revenge
Spanish (Spain) Venganza Revenge


  • When Kevin says "My name's Kevin Ethan Levin. You killed my father. Prepare to die!" he is quoting Inigo Montoya from the movie, The Princess Bride. It was confirmed by Dwayne that Mrs. Levin read The Princess Bride to Kevin when he was little.
  • The fact of Ragnarok using vortex is very similar to the plot of Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen, in which a similar technology is used to claim solar system's Sun by the Decepticons before Optimus Prime stops them.
  • This episode has a similarity to the Batman Beyond episode Rebirth Part 1. It is alike in many ways:
    1. One of the main character's Dad gets killed by a villain.
    2. Something of the Dad's that a villain wants is in a photo frame with a picture of the boy and their dad.
    3. Each of the boys who gets their dad killed has black hair.
    4. Ben says that he wouldn't be surprised if Kevin lived in "some cool underground cave" - this might be a reference to the Batcave. 
  • When Rath, Gwen, and Kevin are fighting the Forever Knights, Gwen says "Lady or the Tiger Boys, your choice" referring to the 1882 short story, "The Lady or the Tiger ".


  • In this episode, it is shown that Diamondhead can redirect energy beams like Chromastone.
  • This episode reveals a lot about Kevin's past including his father and his father's killer. However, in The Rooters of All Evil, it was revealed to be an illusion created by Servantis.
  • This is the first time Ben calls Kevin by his surname, Levin.
  • Lodestar's species is revealed in this episode: Biosovortian.
  • This is the first time Kevin's mother and father appear in the franchise.
  • Kevin is confirmed by Ragnarok to be an Osmosian.

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