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Vance Vetteroy

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Vance Vetteroy
Vance Vetteroy
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Chicago
Affiliations News
S.A.M. (formerly)
Occupation(s) News reporter
Relatives S.A.M. (creation; destroyed)
Voice Actor Mark Thompson
First Appearance Monster Weather

Vance Vetteroy is the Chicago weather man that created S.A.M. in Monster Weather.


Vance ends up causing S.A.M. to go haywire when he uses it to make a rainstorm occur, only for purple lightning to strike S.A.M. and drive it crazy. He later tries to smash S.A.M.'s CPU with a pipe while it's incapacitated to make up for what he's done, only to be captured by his own creation.

After Ben makes S.A.M. explode, Vance accepts he'll just have to be another "handsome face".


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