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Validis Laboratory

The Validus Laboratories is a temporary laboratory is founded by Victor Validus, for the specific study of research and expirements. After the Queen came into Validus, this began to send nanochips, through the mail until the power is in Misoori.

Obviously Validus abandonment the Laboratory and east during the movie was full of infected humans. Where Ben Tennyson and Elena Validus escape successfully.

Ultimate Alien Episode Revenge of the Swarm appears Laboratory, which is not known if the same or a new one in a new place, at the entrance says,Validis Laboratory.

On this occasion, after the front door, is the concierge and more in the laboratory itself. In this episode the laboratory is far more advanced in technology and nanochips isolated in a cell where they can not escape or die. The research of these nanochips, is performed by Elena, Due to the death of her father.

When he discovers that Elena is the queen, they decide, for the good of all, enter the cell and thus Nanochips but the nanochips became active again in the end.

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