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Uxorite is a species from the planet Ringa Morr.


Uxorites are green, reptilian creatures with long tails and tentacles on their heads. They have 3 purple eyes with stripes running from them. They have 4-fingered hands and ostrich-like legs and feet.

Only female Uxorites have been seen, so it is unknown what male Uxorites look like.


According to Xylene, once a Uxorite hatches, the newborn is left to fend for itself; as such, Uxorites have no parenting instincts and do not understand emotional attachment to offspring in other species.


Judging on what Xylene said about their young hatching, Uxorites breed by laying eggs.

Powers and Abilities

Uxorites possess strong telekinetic powers. Their eyes glow purple and they envelop something in purple energy and move it telekinetically.

Uxorites can fly, causing their eyes to glow purple, as if they are using telekinesis on themselves.

Uxorite tentacles are prehensile, as well as having an extendable prehensile tongue.

They have enhanced mobility, only be knocked unconscious after being struck by a large robot, and are strong enough to rip off a robots tendrils.

Notable Uxorites


The name "Uxorite" comes from the Latin word uxor, which means "wife."


  • The tentacles on the heads of Uxorites are similar to the Twi'lek's lekku from Star Wars.
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