Okay so my friend and I are trying to make a tabletop rpg for Ben 10. We barely scratched the surface and I was wondering if anyone would want to help join in on this project. I'm looking for people who are fans of Ben 10 series and what better place to look than right here. If you have experience with tabletop games like Pathfinder, Dark Heresey, etc you will be a major asset to this. (I am looking for a max of 10 ppl that want to work on this) To help with the project all you would need to do is make an account on   Its a very simple thing to do and its free. I play tabletop games on here before and I host my own Pokemon Tabletop game right now. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer. Also if you don't want to join I would also accept helpful advice posts towards what you think  should be in the game. ( everything in the game will still be put to a vote between working peers of course)  This game when finished would be free for anyone and everyone just like pokemon tabletop adventures is and Halo tabletop.  Please post something on this blog before attempting to join. I should just sum up a short list of requirements and rules before I finish this so here you are.

1. Must be a fan of Ben 10 (if your a fan of just the aliens thats okay too)

2. You have a better chance of joining if you have experience with tabletop rpg mechanics

3. Please post here what your username will be when you make an account so I know its "you" who is joining use

4. If you cause too many problems with others you will be booted from the project (you will still be crideted for your contributions though)

5. Please show respect to fellow peers, if somone makes a mistake about information or has an Idea you dont agree with hear them out first and politely communicate with each other.

6. Please post here how you can contribute to our efforts and a little background about your histroy with this series and tabletop games if you have any.

7. Age requirement 16 and up. (I dont want to be dealing with little winey kids, this game is going to also push towards more realism so characters can die in the game.) If your under that you can still post your ideas on this blog and we will credit you if we use them. 

8. No idea is a bad idea, We are trying to make a fun game to play. As long as the idea fits in the confines of the Ben 10 Universe you shouldn't have anthing to worry about. 

Well thats everything that comes to mind.  

Our team thus far