Watch this Video:


By this, I'm guessing:

  • The new alien is Gravattack, the package may show someone diffrent, but look at the 'Feedback' package, it says 'New Ben'. So it's just a prototype package, Graviton is Gravattack.
  • The new villain, instead of Vilgax/Kevin, Highbreed/Vilgax, and Aggregor/Forever Knights, we have Kyber, or Ciber, or something.
  • Feedback might be able to shoot electricity from his attenie plugs (You gotta be kidding me... -,-) as he said. Yet, I may be wrong since they got Eatle's powers wrong in this.
  • From where they showed the, 'Omnitrix Challenge', there are 10 new aliens. We already know 4 of them. Thought, I thought I saw Armodrillo on the second row, all the way to the left.
  • On the Omnitrix Touch, there are 2 noises after the Shocksquatch voice. BTW, we know Feedback's, Shocksquatch's, and Gravattack's voices. I thought I also heard Rath.
  • He said the Omnitrix Touch will come in Augest, that means the first toy line will come in Summer also. Unless the Cartoon Network in stupid, they'll have to show Omniverse earlier than Augest, in the USA.
  • We've seen 4 of Rook's weapons, we have his gun, the scope, the visions, and the launchers as seen in Part II.
  • It says Ben is going to a Central Commandor Center where he's going to spend a lot of time in, as seen in Part II.
  • He also travels in a spaceship.
  • There's a guy called: Plug, who controls a place called the 'Plumber Jail' which can also be released.

And that's it. Good day, hope you enjoyed.