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UpRigg is the combination of Upgrade's and Jury Rigg's DNA. He can only be accessed by using the Biomnitrix.


UpRigg has the body of Jury Rigg with the circuit pattern of Upgrade. His arms, legs, and stomach are slightly more rounded than Jury Rigg's. Rather than a devil tip, he has a plug on the end of his tail, similar to Feedback's. His ears and nose are longer and pointier.

The Biomnitrix is located on the ring of his eye, which is Upgrade's symbol location.


UpRigg has the same personality as Jury Rigg and laughs maniacally when he is disassembling and reassembling machinery.

Powers and Abilities

UpRigg has both Jury Rigg's ability to assemble technology, and Upgrade's ability to fix and improve it.

UpRigg can use Upgrade's stretchable limbs to reach over long distances.



  • UpRigg first appeared in Let's Do the Time War Again. UpRigg, using a Chronoton particle and the wreckage of the Proto-TRUK and the Tenn-Speed, created two Time Cycles for Ben and Rook. Later, UpRigg was used off-screen to craft a second pair of Time Cycles, which Ben and Rook would pilot back to their own timeline, thus becoming their own past selves.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Br) Ultra Diabrete From "Ultra-T", Upgrade's portuguese name, and Diabrete, Jury Rigg's portuguese name ("Diabrete" also means "little devil" or "plug-ugly", "mobber").


Ben 10: Omniverse


UpRigg's name is the combination of Upgrade and Jury Rigg.

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