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The Universe is the set of dimensions where the Ben 10 series takes place. It is commonly known as the totality of everything that exists, containing the galaxies, planets, and stars. In Ultimate Alien, it has shown to be a bright red cluster of gas with some visible lights when viewed from an extremely long distance.

The Universe has many dimensions such as Ledgerdomain and the Null Void as well as many alternate timelines in the branching timestream.

As noted by Paradox in The Forge of Creation, other universes also exist, with different physics from ours, just outside of our own.


Paradox pointing to the universe

The Map of Infinity

The Map of Infinity is a complete map of space-time extending through seventeen dimensions. Anyone who has it can travel anywhere, including outside the Universe and to the Forge of Creation: a nebula in which Celestialsapiens are born and live.

So Long, And Thanks42

Universe being destroyed

Known Galaxies

There are about 80 billion galaxies discovered by humans.

Known Dimensions


Parallel Universes

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