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Universal Translator
Universal Translator
General Information
User Various
Type Level 3 Translator
First Appearance Be-Knighted

The Universal Translator is Level 3 technology that can translate almost any language into any other in real time.

Universal Translators are very cheap and common alien technology.


  • According to Dwayne McDuffie:
    • Universal Translators can translate English to other Earth languages and vice versa.[1]
    • Universal Translators were invented by the Galvan.
    • Universal Translators are as common in the universe as key rings on Earth.
    • Universal Translarors can't translate the Vulpimancer language.
  • Plumber's Badges, the Omnitrix, the UltimatrixPrypiatosian-B Containment Suits and many Level 3+ technology have Universal Translators built into them.


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