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Unitaur full
General Information
Body Humanoid Unicorn
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Orange Orb Projectiles
Enhanced Speed
Sharp Horn
Equipment Armor
Voice Actor David Kaye
First Appearance Collect This

Unitaur is a fake alien that Deefus Veeblepister transforms into in Collect This.


Unitaur is a humanoid unicorn with a purple/black horn and with pink hair. He has a wheel where his legs are supposed to be. He has medieval shoulder padding and gauntlets. His chest is colored fully green.

Powers and Abilities

Unitaur's wheel leg allows him to travel at very high speeds.

Unitaur can shoot projectiles called Golden Oranges from his sharp horn.

Unitaur's horn can also cause great damage if he goes fast enough.


Unitaur wears armor, so he can take hits better.


The so-called Golden Oranges are merely TV props and can cause no more damage than ordinary ping pong balls. They have no effect against Solid Plugg's thick hide.


Ben 10: Omniverse


  • Unitaur was first mentioned in Bros in Space.
  • Unitaur slightly resembles Bouncer from Skylanders Giants.

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