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Under Wraps

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Under Wraps
General Information
Original broadcast March 10, 2007
Series Ben 10
Season 3
Episode number 34
Overall number 34
Written by Greg Weisman
Directed by Sebastian Montes
Episode Guide
Previous episode Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures
Next episode The Unnaturals

Under Wraps is the thirty-fourth episode of Ben 10.


In order to teach Ben and Gwen the value of hard work, Grandpa Max takes them to a farm. Ben and Gwen at first struggle with farm life, until Ben convinces Gwen to let him use the Omnitrix to complete their work faster and easier using a few of his aliens.

However, a farmhand tells Ben and Gwen of a Mummy that had recently arrived in a flash of purple lightning, like the Yenaldooshi did, prompting their curiosity. The two of them sneak out during the night and are attacked by mutated cows. Ben turns into XLR8 and defeats them. Ben then leaves Gwen alone to follow the mummy's footsteps and find it digging for a strange stone.

The Mummy attacks Ben as soon as it sees him. He fights it to no avail, and The Mummy flees in the confusion. Max discovers that the strange rock is an unstable element called Corrodium, which causes severe mutation in Earth born species, demonstrated by cows on the farm.

Max states that Corrodium does not occur naturally on Earth, thus speculating that it crashed to Earth 65 million years ago, when dinosaurs died out. The Tennysons track The Mummy down to a ice cream factory, built on a Corrodium meteor. Ben uses Diamondhead to dig up the meteor, but Gwen points out that he just did the Mummy's work for him.

Worse yet, The Mummy proves to be invulnerable, rapidly healing from any attack and mutates a security guard with the Corrodium. Gwen and Max deal with the guard, while Diamondhead fights the Mummy, only to revert to Ben mid-battle. In the resulting struggle, The Mummy touches the Omnitrix and it goes into scan mode, unlocking Snare-oh.

When Ben tries to transform into Snare-oh, the Omnitrix transforms Ben into Upgrade instead. Upgrade merges with a liquid nitrogen containment tank and sprays the mummy with it, freezing it solid. Max then buries it with concrete in the hole Diamondhead dug. Then they flee the town in fear of more manual labor at the farm, since Ben and Gwen have learned their lesson and Max remembered how much he hated working on a farm as a boy.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Ben obtains a new DNA sample, Snare-oh.



Aliens Used

Spells Used



(Grandpa Max sticks a device on Gwen and himself, which covers them in a protective hazmat suit)
Grandpa Max: Level 10 Hazmat suits. Don't think your parents would appreciate me bringing you home all mutated.
Diamondhead: Hey, what about me?
Grandpa Max: As long as you're in alien form, you should be safe from the mutation effects.
Diamondhead: "Should be"?

Quotes Right


(Ben tries to sneak out of the chicken coop at night)
Gwen: Going somewhere?
Ben: Same place you are.
Ben & Gwen: Mummy hunt.

Quotes Right


Ben: Time to fight mummy with mummy. (transforms into Upgrade)
Upgrade: Upgrade? Aw, man!

Quotes Right

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Hungarian Cenzúra alatt Under Censorship
Portuguese (Br) Enrolados Wrapped
Spanish (HA) La Momia Mutante The Mutant Mummy
Spanish (Spain) Liados Y Envueltos Bundled and Wrapped


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