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Ultimate Rath is the evolved form of Rath.


Ultimate Rath has dark pink skin and white fur with red stripes. He is covered by fur everywhere except on his feet, hands, chest, neck, and most of his lower jaw. He has red bandages on his elbows, forearms, and wrists, and the ones on his wrists have three small red spikes on them. He has two giant claws on his hands and his fingers and toes now have smaller claws. He also has giant claws coming out from his elbows.

He wears black shorts with a white belt that has silver spikes and a silver buckle. He also has a red coat with red eyes and four yellow fangs which all together resemble a Panuncian. He has three giant red spikes on his back that is covered by his coat's hood, which is made up of long, thick, black fur. His face is white with flipped up hair and sideburns, and his eyebrows are now red and sharp.

He wears the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.


Ultimate Rath's personality is not changed due to Albedo's superior intellect.

If Ben were to use Ultimate Rath, his catchphrase would probably be "Let me tell ya FIVE things!.[1]



  • Negative Ultimate Rath first appeared in Malgax Attacks. Negative Ultimate Rath thought he killed Azmuth. He then chased an angered Luhley, until Azmuth was restored and disabled his Ultimatrix.

Powers and Abilities

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Ben 10: Omniverse


  • His coat strongly resembles that of the Marvel Comics character Kraven the Hunter.
  • In the comic One Man's Trash, Ben attempts to turn into Ultimate Rath but fails due to him being a joke at the time.


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