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Ultimate Humungousaur

Negative Ultimate Humungousaur

Ultimate humungousaur ben

General Information
Species Evolved Vaxasaurian
Home World Terradino
Body Humanoid Dinosaur
Devolved Form Humungousaur
Powers and abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Powerful Roar
Spiked Shell
Mace Tail
Missile Generation
Missile Hands
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker (Alien Force and Ultimate Alien)
John DiMaggio (Omniverse)
First Appearance The Final Battle: Part 1

Ultimate Humungousaur is the evolved form of Humungousaur.


Ben as Ultimate Humungousaur

Ultimate Humungousaur is an ankylosaurus-like creature, being about 20 feet tall. Ultimate Humungousaur is green and he has spikes on his head, which are silver.

On the sides of his face, there are black spikes, pointing down. Ultimate Humungousaur possesses a dark blue, spiked shell. His chest and torso is dark blue with spikes on them. Ultimate Humungousaur's tail has a blue mace on the end of it, with silver spikes.

Ultimate Humungousaur's knuckles have barrels on them, which he can transform into four-barreled missile launchers at will.

Ultimate Humungousaur wears the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Albedo as Negative Ultimate Humungousaur

In Omniverse, Negative Ultimate Humungousaur has grey/tan skin instead of green. He has blue shells on his shoulders and his spikes are brown. Also, the spikes on his evolved Ultimatrix symbol are now vein-like and longer, similar veins appear on his arms, and is now crooked. His helmet is blue with three spikes on the top, and two on the bottom and resembles a triceratops more than an Ankylosaurus. When using the cannons, he now has red muscles.

Powers and Abilities


Negative Ultimate Humungousaur shooting missiles

Ultimate Humungousaur is exponentially stronger than full-sized Humungousaur, being strong enough to lift and throw Way Big with ease. He has also proven to be strong enough to flatten a Red Robot's head with a few punches.

Ultimate Humungousaur has a very durable shell.

In Cosmic Destruction, Ultimate Humungousaur can do a stronger version of Humungousaur's shoulder charge and punch the ground to create large shockwaves.

As a result of millions of simulated battles over the millennia, Ultimate Humungousaur's genetic evolution allows him to transform his hands into bio-gatling guns that shoot kinetically unstable bone fragments as missiles at opponents which deal major damage. In Omniverse, his hands now spin like real gatling guns when launching the missiles and the color of the bone fragments is now golden.

Ultimate Humungousaur's tail has a mace-like structure which can be used as a flail, as shown in his fight with Sir George.


Ultimate Humungousaur lacks his devolved counterpart's ability to change his size, due to the Ultimate aliens being combat-based. His missiles can also be absorbed as seen in A Fistful of Brains.

Ultimate Humungousaur is also vulnerable to electricity.


Alien Force

Ultimate Alien



===Ben 10: Alien Force===

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ben 10: Omniverse


Video Games

  • In Cosmic Destruction
  • In Galactic Racing
  • In Punch Time Explosion

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

Ultimate Humungousaur is a playable alien in Cosmic Destruction, on all platforms. But only during a brief period of time during the first level against Vulkanus's Pickaxe minions.

Ben 10: Galactic Racing

Ultimate Humungousaur is a playable racer in this game on all consoles. His offensive move is Handy Rockets, where he fires a wave of rockets from his hands, his defensive move is Plated, where he sprouts armor plates on his kart, and his ultimate omni move is called Outta My Way!, where he punches the ground at the back of his kart to speed up.

Punch Time Explosion

Ultimate Humungousaur is Ben's Punch Time Explosion in the game Punch Time Explosion.


  • 4" Alien Collection Ultimate Humungousaur
  • 6" DNA Alien Heroes Ultimate Humungousaur
  • 4" DX Alien Collection Ultimate Humungousaur
  • Comic pack with Aggregor
  • Ultimate Humungousaur Alien Arm
  • 4" Alien Collection Gold Ultimate Humungousaur
  • 4" Alien Collection Ultimate Humungousaur with mini alien
  • 4" Alien Collection Haywire Collection Ultimate Humungousaur
  • Alien Creation Transporter Rath and translucent Ultimate Humungousaur

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Ултра Човекозавър From ултра, ultra and Човекозовър, Humungousaur
Portuguese (Brazil) Enormossauro Supremo From enormo, enormous, ssauro, abbreviation of dinosaur and supremo, supreme
Polish Ostateczny Gigantozaur From ostateczny, ultimate and gigantozaur, humungousaur
Spanish Humungosaurio Supremo/Ultimate Gigantosaurio From Humungosaurio, Humungousaur and supremo, ultimate
Dutch Ultieme Gigantosaurus From Ultieme, ultimate and Gigantosaurus
Turkish Ultimate İnsanazor From Ultimate, ultimate and İnsanazor, Humungousaur
German Ultimativer Gigantosaurus From ultimativ, ultimate and Gigantosaurus, gigantous and dinosaur
Greek Απόλυτος Τεραστιόσαυρος From απόλυτος, ultimate and τεραστιόσαυρος, humungousaur
Romanian Umangozaur X From Umangozaur, Humungousaur and X, ultimate
French Ultimate Énormosaure From ultimate; énorme, enormous/humongous and -saure, -saur
Russian Высший Гумангозавр From the original name
Arabic هيومنجوسور الأقصي
Indonesian Ultimate Humonggosaurus From ultimate and humonggosaurus, humungousaur
Chinese终极神力暴龙From 终极(Zhōng Jí), ultimate, 神力(Shén Lì), powerful and 暴龙(Bào Lóng), T-Rex
Tagalog Ultimeyt Yumongusor From ultimeyt, ultimate and yumongusor, Humungousaur


Ben101010 wallpaper double humung 1280x1024
  • Ultimate Humungousaur's shell resembles Bowser's shell from the Mario series.
  • According to the Cartoon Network Ben 10: Ultimate Alien mini-site, Ultimate Humungousaur has the ability to grow to 120 ft tall. However, it was confirmed by Dwayne that the website is wrong; he can't grow at all.
  • Ultimate Humungousaur is a Toon Football player and also the third Ultimate Alien in Toon Football (first was Ultimate Swampfire second was Ultimate Cannonbolt).
  • Ultimate Humungousaur is April's Alien of the Month.
  • Ultimate Humungousaur is a featured Exosuit on Exonaut and is level 10 to be bought.

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