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Ultimate Echo Echo
Ultimate echo echo omniverse
General Information
Species Evolved Sonorosian
Home World Sonorosia
Body Robotic Humanoid
Devolved Form Echo Echo
Powers and abilities
Abilities Sonokinesis/Sonic Screams
Sonic Force Fields
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Speed
Space Survivability
Duplication by Sonic Disks(Albedo)
Equipment Containment Suit
Sonic Disks
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance Map of Infinity (Episode)

Ultimate Echo Echo is the evolved form of Echo Echo.


Ultimate EchoEcho
Ben as Ultimate Echo Echo
UltimatexAdded by Ultimatex

Ben as Ultimate Echo Echo

Ultimate Echo Echo has blue metal skin, 15 blue, removable speaker-like components attached to his body, an overall rounded design, and longer arms and legs. Also, Echo Echo's power control pack is replaced with a marking resembling a cassette tape. Ultimate Echo Echo is about Ben's height and has stumped feet. Ultimate Echo Echo's mouth doesn't move when he speaks, but he can open it and it moves with emotion. Ultimate Echo Echo's voice is more robotic-sounding, similar to a speaker. Ultimate Echo Echo wears the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Albedo as Negative Ultimate Echo Echo

Negative Ultimate Echo Echo has red eyes and red cables that attach from his back to his hands and smaller mouth. His Sonic Disks are red instead of blue and they look like his head, not having a sunken look to them. The spikes on the Ultimatrix symbol connect to some discs and he also has black stripes on his stomach and legs.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flying
  • Negative Ultimate Echo Echo using sonic disks

Like Echo Echo, can release sonic screams from his mouth or light blue patches on his body. He can also duplicate like Echo Echo.

Ultimate Echo Echo can create force fields out of sonic waves that are strong enough to contain a blast from a mini-nuclear bomb.

Ultimate Echo Echo can fly by using sound waves.

Revealed in The Enemy of My Enemy, Ultimate Echo Echo can survive in the vacuum of space.

Ultimate Echo Echo can generate some sort of atmosphere, because he is able to use sound abilities in space.

Ultimate Echo Echo possesses enhanced strength and durability.


Ultimate Echo Echo manipulates the power of sound, but he can also send out the Sonic Disks on his body to project powerful sonic blasts, which can knock someone out, shatter steel, or even crush a military tank, with relative ease.

Ultimate Echo Echo can multiply the Sonic Disks once they have separated from his body, creating as many as needed.

Ultimate Echo Echo can use his Sonic Disks to use an exceedingly deadly move called Sonic Doom, where his discs surround the enemy and fire full sonic blasts.

According to Derrick, in Omniverse Ultimate Echo Echo can use his sonic disks to duplicate.[1]


Ultimate Echo Echo is made of metal, so he can be magnetized.

Ultimate Echo Echo's Sonic Disks can be stopped by electricity. Plus, if the Sonic Disks are electrocuted, it seems that Negative Ultimate Echo Echo is vulnerable to it as well.


Ultimate Alien



Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ben 10: Omniverse


Video Games

  • In "Cosmic Destruction"
  • In "Galactic Racing"

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

Main category: Ultimate Echo Echo (Cosmic Destruction Timeline)

Ultimate Echo Echo is a playable alien in all versions of the video game but only on a small section in Amazon base.

Ben 10: Galactic Racing

Ultimate Echo Echo is a playable racer in Galactic Racing.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Greek Απόλυτη Ηχώ Ηχώ From απόλυτος, ultimate and ηχώ ηχώ, echo echo
Portuguese (Brazil) Eco Supremo From eco, echo and supremo, supreme
Norwegian Ultimat Ekko Ekko
Polish Ostateczny Echo Echo From ostateczny, ultimate and the original name
Bulgarian Ултра Ехо Ехо From ултра, ultimate and ехо, echo
Spanish (Spain) Ultra Eco/Ultimate Eco
Spanish (Hispanic America) Eco Eco Supremo From eco eco, echo echo and supremo, supreme
Romanian Ecou Ecou X
French Ultimate Echo Echo From the original name
Dutch Ultieme Echo Echo From ultieme, ultimate
German Ultimativer Echo Echo From ultimativer, ultimate and the original name
Türkish Nihai/Ultimate Eko Eko
Italian Ultra Eco Eco
Russian Высшее эхо From the original name
Sweden Ultimata Eko-eko From Ultimata, ultimate and the original name
Arabic اكو اكو الأقصي


  • Ultimate echo echo rough ideas copy
    Rough art
    FiskPhantomAdded by FiskPhantom
    According to Derrick J. Wyatt, like Echo Echo, Ultimate Echo Echo is made of living sound waves and wears a containment suit.[2]
  • Ultimate Echo Echo is in the Cartoon Network game TKO. His special moves are Sonic Disc and Sound Barrier and his super move is Echo Chamber.
  • Recently, Ultimate Echo Echo was added as a new alien for Cartoon Network's Ben 10 Alien Force: Game Creator.
  • Just like how Echo Echo made up "Wall of Sound" and "Echo Chamber", Ultimate Echo Echo made up "Sonic Doom".
  • Ultimate Echo Echo has an exosuit in Project Exonaut.
  • Ultimate Echo Echo is November's Alien of the Month.
  • In Cartoon Network's MMO game Fusion Fall, he has a helmet that can be bought inside of Ship based off him.
  • Of all the Ultimate forms, Ultimate Echo Echo's physical structure has undergone the most drastic changes (with the exception of Ultimate Swampfire).


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