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Ultimate Crisis is an online game on the Cartoon Network website where you unleash the powers of Ultimate Swampfire to battle Aggregor and his army of robots in a 3D brawler. There are 13 levels which unlocks another one of Ultimate Swampfire's combos but the game only ends after Ultimate Swampfire's health comes to zero.


  • The Rust Bucket makes a cameo appearance in the background along with Kevin's Car.
  • Ultimate Crisis runs on the Unity Player, the same program that is used to run FusionFall.
  • This game was released after the airing of The Final Battle: Part 2.
  • This game revealed that Aggregor was going to appear.
  • It is the first game in which the first Ultimate form appeared.
  • A new feature of the game is that in every other level Aggregor will appear and you'll have to battle him in a boss battle.
  • You cannot jump, turn into Ben, or turn into any other alien at all.