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  Ultimate Cannonbolt is the evolved form of Cannonbolt.


Ultimate Cannonbolt looks like Cannonbolt, but he has hard light metallic blue skin. His shell has cylindrical studs that turn into spikes when he goes into his ball form. He has two on each back segment and one on each shoulder, wrist and leg plate. His teeth are similar to Cannonbolt's, but he has two sharp teeth.

Ultimate Cannonbolt's sphere form is similar to Cannonbolt, but grey. The spikes on the armor become pointed when in sphere form.

Ultimate Cannonbolt wears the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate cannonbolt Sphere Form

Ultimate Cannonbolt in sphere form

Ultimate Cannonbolt has powers similar to Cannonbolt's, but Ultimate Cannonbolt's shell has spikes on it and increased defense and offensive abilities.

Ultimate Cannonbolt has increased speed, momentum, and can bounce higher.

Ultimate Cannonbolt is able to take hits from Sunder's energy axe, only being pushed back.

Ultimate Cannonbolt also has superhuman strength, since he could smash Sunder to the ground with his fists with ease.

According to the Galactic Racing website and Eugene Son, Ultimate Cannonbolt can fire his spikes as projectiles, but he never used this power.

Ultimate Cannonbolt seems to be able to withstand radiation, as he was able to hold P'andor while Kevin got him back in his containment armor.


Ultimate Alien



Cartoon Network Action Packs
  • Star Chaser
  • The Ben 10 Alien Force Experience
  • Remote Control

Video Games

  • Ultimate Cannonbolt in Ben 10: Galactic Racing
  • Ult.Cannonbolt Offensive Power
  • Ult.Cannonbolt Defensive Power
  • Ult.Cannonbolt Ultimate Power

Ben 10: Galactic Racing

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Arabic كانون بولت الأقصي
Bulgarian Ултра Топовна Мощ From ултра, ultra, Топовна (Topovna), bolt, and Мощ (Mosht), cannon
Chinese 终极轰天雷 From 终极 (Zhōng Jí), ultimate, and 轰天雷 (Hōng Tiān Léi), "the rolling thunder"
Dutch Ultieme Kanonbal From ultime, ultimate, and kanonbal, cannonbolt
French Ultimate Boulet de Canon From ultimate and boulet de canon, cannonball
German Ultimative Kanonenkugel From ultimative, ultimate, and kanonenkugel, cannonbolt
Greek Απόλυτος Κάνονμπολτ From απόλυτος, ultimate, and κάνονμπολτ, cannonbolt
Polski Ostateczny Kulopłot From ostateczny, ultimate, and kulopłot, cannonbolt
Portuguese (Br) Bala de Canhão Supremo From bala, bullet, canhão, cannon, and supremo, supreme
Russian Высшее ядро From высшее ядро, ultimate ball
Spanish (HA) Cannonbolt Supremo From cannonbolt and supremo, ultimate
Spanish (Spain) Ultimate Rayo From rayo, beam


  • Ultimate Cannonbolt is one of the Ultimate forms that didn't change greatly in comparison with the regular form. The others are Ultimate Big Chill, Ultimate Wildmutt, and Ultimate Way Big.
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt does not seem to lose momentum when he bounces around, regardless of the spikes sticking out of his shell.
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt is one of the three playable Ultimate Aliens in Game Creator. However, he is replaced by his devolved form for the Omniverse version of it.
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt is a playable character on Cartoon Network's Toon Football.
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt is May's Alien of the Month.
  • In Project Exonaut, Ultimate Cannonbolt is a level 30 suit.
  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, they considered to add him in the 4th arc of Omniverse, but they ended up cutting him.

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