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Tyrannopede artwork
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Terradino
Body Theropod Centipede
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shooting Webs
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Powerful Roar
Strong Jaws
Sharp Teeth
First Appearance Of Predators and Prey: Part 2

Tyrannopede is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of an unnamed species from the planet Terradino.

Tyrannopede's species is the predatory species of Vaxasaurians.


Tyrannopede has a segmented purple and gray body and a red head resembling that of a Carnotaurus or a tyrannosaurus with a horn on her forehead. Tyrannopede has four legs and six small arms with two clawed fingers on them.

Tyrannopede wears a red spiked collar with the Nemetrix on it.

Powers and Abilities


Tyrannopede shooting webs

Tyrannopede has enhanced strength, able to take on Humungousaur.

Tyrannopede is extremely heavy, weighing too much for Humungousaur to lift for long.

The horn on Tyrannopede's forehead can shoot webs to trap enemies in a sticky cocoon.


Tyrannopede is vulnerable to the Hephaestan neuro grip.




Khyber's Panuncian

  • In A Fistful of Brains,
    • One of the Panuncian's clones used its Nemetrix to transform into Tyrannopede after the Panuncian cornered Ben.


  • In Stuck On You,
    • Khyber accidentally used the Nemetrix on himself and turned into Tyrannopede. He almost ate Humungousaur and Skurd but his collar was cut off by Rook.


Ben 10: Omniverse


Khyber's Panuncian


Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French Phacochoerus[1] From phacochère, warthog
Polish Trwogonoga, Trwogonóg From trwoga, fear and noga, leg or suffix to stonoga, centipede
Spanish (Latin America) Tyranópido
Portuguese (Brazil) Tyranópode From tiranossauro, tyrannosaurus.
Italian Tirannipede
Hungarian Zsarnokgyík From zsarnok, tyrant and gyík, lizard


  • Tyrannopede is portmanteau of the words tyrannosaur and centipede, meaning tyrant legs.
  • Tyrannopede's design is based on Ultimasaurus from the Kenner toy line "Chaos Effect" from Jurassic Park.[2]


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