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Two Headed Dragon

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Two Headed Dragon
Two Headed Dragon
General Information
Home World Mykdl'dy
Body Reptile
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fire breath (right head)
Ice breath (left head)
First Appearance Map of Infinity (Episode)

The Two Headed Dragon is a dragon-like creature that appears in the episode Map of Infinity where it attacked Ben's team for entering a room that lead them closer to the Map of Infinity. It resided on planet Mykdl'dy and guarded a piece of the Map of Infinity.


A large maroon dragon-like alien with two heads. It walks on four legs and each head has six eyes. It also has very sharp teeth.


Breathing Fire
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Its head on the right can shoot blasts of fire while its head on the left is able to fire freezing rays of ice. It has incredibly sharp teeth and neither power is capable of penetrating the stone temple it was living in because of its high temperature resistance. Its ice abilities are proven to be very strong as well as its fire, after Kevin had gotten thrown back from its attack.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


Using Ice
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