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Turrawuste is a desert planet which has two suns and is used for teleportation relay stations.


Turrawuste is a desert planet.

Just like a desert on Earth and like planet Mercury, Turrawuste is extremely hot during the day and brutally cold at night.


Turrawuste first appeared in Alone Together, after Ben and a Highbreed named Reinrassic III were accidentally transported to it. They walked across Turrawuste to get to the Teleporter Pod, Ben escaped while Reinrassic III stayed on Turrwuste.

Known Inhabitants

Non-native Species

Notable Visitors


Wuste comes form the German word Wüste which means desert.


  • According to Dwayne McDuffie, Turrawuste doesn't have any sapient species living on it.[1]
  • Turrawuste resembles Tatooine from the Star Wars series.


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