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Turbine 2
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations Road Crew
Occupation(s) Road Pirate
Voice Actor Jennifer Hale
First Appearance Ben 4 Good Buddy

Turbine is the only female member of a trio of road pirates called the Road Crew.


She wears a short white jacket with the ends tied under which she wears a black full sleeved shirt, torn-by-the-edges jean shorts and green welding glasses. She has long black hair reaching down to the center of her back.


She first appeared in the episode Ben 4 Good Buddy where she assisted her other two teammates when they attempted to hijack Laurence Wainright's RV but were stopped by Max, Gwen and Ben. After being defeated they came back and they this time hijacked and modified the Rust Bucket. She and her group were defeated by Max, Gwen and Ben again who managed to earn their Rust Bucket back with the help of Shelby and Laurence's RV. Her car is an orange muscle car. She also showed a disliking to Road Rage's behavior and was second-in charge of the group.


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