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Trouble Helix

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Trouble Helix
Azmuth and Malware
General Information
Original broadcast October 6, 2012
Series Ben 10: Omniverse
Season 1
Episode number 4
Production number 6
Overall number 154 (U.S. Airing Order)
156 (Production Order)
Written by Geoffrey Thorne
Directed by Dan Riba
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Trouble Helix is the fourth episode of Ben 10: Omniverse.


Late at night, Khyber appears at Max's Plumbing and manages to sneak inside the Plumbers base after bypassing the security. Driba and Blukic are testing a new weapon against Ben as Chromastone. Khyber sneaks past them and enters a file room, and plays the helix file holo-display.

Chromastone in Omniverse

Chromastone being shot by a laser weapon

Once the file is played, it shows Galvan Prime where Albedo and Azmuth are working on something, Max comes barging in asking Azmuth to fix the Omnitrix which as it turns out has been malfunctioning so that Ben is stuck as a different alien every week.

Azmuth says that it is low priority and to come back in 2 years, to which Max responds angrily. XLR8 enters the lab playing with Azmuth's inventions when he breaks one, Gwen following. Azmuth reluctantly fixes the Omnitrix.

Max tells the kids to sit outside the lab while he talks to Azmuth, suddenly something crashes from the sky and lands in a swamp on Galvan Prime. Which as it turns out is a heavily mutated Galvanic Mechamorph. He emerges out of the swamp and begins to destroy Galvan Prime to find Azmuth. In turn it catches young Ben's attention, he turns into Feedback to see what's going on.

Feedback, backed up by the Galvan military, and the Mechamorph battle. Though Ben at first gains the upper hand, the Mechamorph grabs the Omnitrix and reverts Ben to human. The Omnitrix recharges and Ben transforms into Four Arms he and the Mechamorph battle again, which the Mechamorph wins by zapping Ben into the floor of Azmuth's lab and getting him stuck there.

Trouble Helix Image

Malware's debut

The Mechamorph enters the lab trying to make Azmuth give him an upgrade like he promised, Azmuth claims he needs more time. Albedo unfortunately picks the time to foolishly claim to be the only one, aside from Azmuth, who can complete the Helix which in turn is what the Mechamorph needs to fix himself. The Mechamorph, having no more patience with Azmuth, takes the incomplete Helix, kidnaps Albedo and flies out of the lab to go to Galvan B.

Everyone (except Gwen since the ship was only designed to fit 3 people) gets on the ship to give chase to the Mechamorph. On the ship Azmuth tells how he created the Galvanic Mechamorphs, he was performing a terraforming experiment on the once lifeless moon known as Galvan B when it resulted in the creation of the Mechamorphs.

How the Mechamorph came to be when he shut down the helix experiment that made Galvan B habitable. Unfortunately, one Mechamorph came out of the process incomplete and corrupted. Azmuth named him Malware for his perceived flaws. Azmuth tried many times to help him but there had been numerous complications Azmuth intended to create a secondary Helix to be connected to the first .

Arriving on Galvan B, the group discovers that Malware has sucked dry several other Mechamorphs, Azmuth claims that he can save them with IT support from Gwen and parts from the ship if he acts fast. Inside the chamber, Malware is rushing Albedo to finish the helix, though Albedo claims that a single mistake could destroy the entire planet and hence has to be careful.

Ben transforms into Heatblast and later Max armed to the teeth with Plumber gear arrive and fight Malware. As Heatblast transforms back to ben, Albedo finishes the helix and Malware gets his upgrade however Albedo reveals that he sabotaged the process to destroy Malware. Albedo's plan however backfires and Malware transforms into a "Negative" Mechamorph, as he puts it whereas other Mechamorphs upgrade technology Malware absorbs the technology and upgrade himself.

11-year-old Diamondhead and Malware

Diamondhead defeating Malware

Malware then states that he shall upgrade himself with Azmuth's greatest creation, the Omnitrix. Ben tells Max to take Albedo to safety and transforms into Cannonbolt to fight Malware. Unfortunately, the Omnitrix times out and Malware buries Ben in rubble. Ben transforms into Diamondhead to fight Malware using the crystal to protect the Omnitrix followed by encasing Malware in crystal, paralyzing him.

Khyber saves the files on the Helix and Ben and leaves the base unnoticed.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

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Present Villains

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Aliens Used

By 16 year old Ben

By 11 year old Ben



Diamondhead: (to Malware) Don't you ever get tired of being wrong?

Quotes Right


XLR8: This place is awesome! Did you see that hula-hoop thing? It makes lightning!

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Max: This is what I have been dealing with. The Omnitrix is malfunctioning, Ben has been trapped in different alien every week!
Azmuth: Not my concern.
Max: I haven't slept in a month. (something blows up)
Azmuth: Hey!
XLR8: Oops... uh... sorry.
Max: Not so funny when he's messing your stuff, isn't it?
Azmuth: Hmm... very well. (walking to XLR8 and climb up to Omnitrix and fixes it)
Ben: Aw man, fun is over!

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Driba: (Groans) It's still not working right, Blukic. Set it on "stun", we get blast, set it on "blast", we get a low battery warning.
Blukic: The knob is on upside-down, Driba.
Driba : And whose job was that?
Blukic: Mmmmm, yours.
Driba: Was not.
Blukic: Was to.
Ben: Come on, guys. Are we done here? I thought Galvans were supposed to be the smartest beings in the universe- smart as in "figure out stuff quickly so Ben Tennyson can go home" smart.
Blukic: Har har, Ben Tennyson, we may not look it...
Driba: But we're still smarter than any human! (prepares to fire gun).
Ben: I have yet to see any indication of that. (Transforms into Cannonbolt) Why did we hire you guys again?

Quotes Right


Ben: We rule! We totally rule!
Grandpa Max: We got lucky.
Ben: What luck? Me plus the Omnitrix times crazy super villain equals total smackdown!
Albedo: (clears throat) Actually I was the one who defeated him. By managing the power cycle of the two Helixes, I caused an overload just as the Mechamorph touched the control rods. Solve that, Omnitrix boy.
Ben: You're really getting on my nerves now.

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Malware: Azmuth! I am coming for you! (Throws a boulder at Feedback, but Feedback destroys it)
Feedback: You are so not.

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Malware: You haven't won. I will be free again, and when I am, all the Galvan System, all of the Universe...! (Diamondhead finishes encasing him in crystal then transforms back to Ben)
Ben: ... Will thank me for shutting you up!

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  • Cannonbolt's back armor is missing
  • Omnitrix symbol is on chest instead of forehead
  • Gwen shirt is completely dark blue and not pale blue
  • The activation button of the Omnitrix appears on both sides of the dial. This error is seen many times.
  • In one scene where Malware's corrupted life code forced Ben to time out, the sound of 16 year old Ben's Omnitrix can be heard.
  • In some scenes, Four Arms didn't have the stripe on his back.
  • In one shot, Malware's hands where covered with yellow instead of being all black.
  • When Malware shot Cannonbolt, his back didn't have armor.
  • The back of Gwen's shirt is completely colored dark blue instead of pale blue.
  • Cannonbolt's Omnitrix symbol is never on his forehead; instead, it is always on his chest.
  • In one shot where Malware saw and reached towards the Secondary Helix in Azmuth's lab, his hands were morphed into the tool forms they had taken when he'd assimilated Azmuth's tools in Azmuth's flashback.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Hungarian A Hélix bolygó The Helix Planet
Portuguese (Br) Problema Heliocoidal Helical Problem
Spanish (HA) Hélix Problemático Problematic Helix
Spanish (Spain) Problemas de Helices Problems of Propellers


  • The title of this episode is an allusion to a Double Helix, a double stranded molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).


  • This episode reveals Malware's origin.
  • The Omnitrix problem where Ben is stuck as a different alien mentioned by Max is similar to what Ben went through in A Small Problem
  • Chronologically, this was the first time Ben met Albedo.  

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