• There is only 1 rule. You can only pick 10 aliens.

    For me I would have:

    1. Upgrade

    2. Rath

    3. Cannonbolt

    4. Arcticguana

    5. Pesky Dust

    6. Way Big

    7. Astrodactyl

    8. Spidermonkey

    9. Gravattack

    10. Atomix

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    • 1. Upgrade

      2. Bloxx

      3. Swampfire

      4. Jetray

      5. XLR8

      6. Ghostfreak

      7. Way Big

      8. Lodestar

      9. Chromastone

      10. Alien X

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      1. Swampfire
      2. Wildmutt
      3. Chromastone
      4. Echo Echo
      5. Big Chill
      6. Rath
      7. Grey Matter
      8. Upgrade
      9. Way Big
      10. XLR8
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      1. Heatblast
      2. Diamondhead
      3. XLR8
      4. Humungasour
      5. Feedback
      6. Big Chill
      7. Grey Matter
      8. Upgrade
      9. Jetray
      10. Atomix
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    • 1.Rath




      5.Big Chill


      7.Grey Mater

      8.Echo Echo


      10.Alien X

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    • M3

      1. Four Arms

      2. Spider-Monkey

      3. Jetray

      4. Ghostfreak

      5. Upgrade

      6. Grey Matter

      7. Armodrillo

      8. XLR8

      9. Humungousaur

      10. Lodestar

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    • 1.Heatblast

      2.Way Big





      7.Gray Matter

      8.Big Chill


      10.Alien X

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    • 1.Wildvine






      7.Perk Upchuck


      9.Jury Rigg


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    • 1. Grey Matter

      2. Ditto

      3. Upgrade

      4. Goop

      5. Diamondhead

      6. Nanomech

      7. Pesky Dust

      8. XLR8

      9. Mole-Stache

      10. Whampire

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    • 1. Brainstorm

      2. Jetray

      3. The Lenopan/Goop

      4. Ghostfreak/Big Chill

      5. Upgrade

      6. Humongousaur

      7. Arctiguana/AmpFibian

      8. Spitter

      9. NRG

      10. Pesky Dust

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    • Humungousaur First!

      Clockwork- Really want to play with time...

      Whampire- and to enslave.

      Alien X- Omnipotence!

      Waybig- As well as to become giant...

      Greymatter- and tiny+ intelligent!

      Jetray- To fly , superfastly!...

      Ripjaws- And to swim+ crush!

      Atomix- A must for extreme heroness after humungousaur

      Ghostfreak- Sometimes for to hide!

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    • Here is my playlist:

      1.Diamondhead- Best alien for combat.

      2.XLR8- Need for speed.

      3.Spidermonkey- So I can be like Spider-Man.

      4.Swampfire- Because of his new look.

      5. Armodrillo- Because he has super strength and seems mechanical.

      6. Astrodactyl- Best flying alien.

      7. Atomix- Aside Alien X this guy is the big gun.

      8. Bloxx- Favorite shapeshifting alien plus the way he was used was cool.

      9. Feedback- Because Ben approves him.

      10.Blitzwolfer- Wolfs are awesome.

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    • 1-Blitzwolfer- This guy is better than Wildmutt and Echo Echo!

      2-Atomix, Your the best of all!

      Nanomech-A good one to spy others when descreasing my size, i don't need ChamAlien with this one!

      Fasttrack-I hate him, but since he is faster than XLR8 he wouldn't be a desperdice of aliens.

      5-Gooop-I like his voice and he is very slimy, i can make cool things with him!

      6-GhostFreak-So when people are making fun with me i can possee them, then start spinning, so the person will be dizzy! And also, i can make robbers get lost!

      7-Jetray-He is so awesome, he is like a XLRFlyJaws! Flies and swins fastly!

      8-Ditto-As long he is the one of original series, i would choose him. The OV one isn't the same.

      9-Upgrade-I will upgrade technology, making some improvements in my videogame, Preventing my computer from having virus, and i think i could even transform me into a staff to see how blog post and pages were before they were eliminated (Yea, i'm so curious)

      10-Upchuck could be my first alien! In my fanfic, the first one i transformed was Frankenchuck! PS:I write like this because it looks cool.

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    • my second choose:

      1.Chromastone-he has uv-lasers and he is durability as a god

      2.Atomix-you know :D

      3.Nanomech-...spy at other people

      4.Gutrot-...this will be funny:D

      5.Grey matter-intelectually!!!!!!!!!!AND TINY!!!

      6.Toepick-best way to win

      7.Feedback-you know ... :D

      8.Upgrade-my PC will be overpowered

      9.Brainstorm-intelectually!!!!!!AND NORMAL SIZE!!!!!!

      10.Eye Guy-his vision must be cool

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    • I want to elaberate on my choices:

      1. Upgrade - So I can go inside my video game!

      2. Rath - Do I even have to explain why I would want to be Rath?!

      3. Cannonbolt - One of my favorites of the classics!

      4. Arcticguana - Cryokenisis is the best power ever!

      5. Pesky Dust - I LOVE Peskey! I could manipulate people's dreams.

      6. Way Big - I like Kaiju

      7. Astrodactyl - Squark! 

      8. Spidermonkey - I like Spidermonkey!

      9. Gravattack - Gravity Powers?! SWEET!

      10. Atomix - So i can be OP!

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    • Why is there only 10 aliens to choose?

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    • 1. Swampfire

      2. Humungousaur

      3. Big Chill

      4. Spidermonkey

      5. Upgrade

      6. Echo Echo

      7. XLR8

      8. AmpFibian

      9. Goop

      10. Grey Matter

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    • 1. Fastrack: I'll never be late for anything 2. Brainstorm: I'll be an absolute genius 3. Way big: the ultimate way to get people to back off 4. NRG: get to be a living nuclear reactor 5. Chamalien: get to be the best hide n seek player 6. Snare-o: I'll never need toilet paper again 7. Atomix: I can be a superhero 8. Bloxx: I could build anything 9. Stinkfly: I could fly 10. Diamondhead: I could sell parts of myself for a fortune

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    • Swampfire, Big Chill, Astrodactyl, Bloxx, Diamondhead, XLR8, Upgrade, AmpPhibian, Gutrot, Chamalien

      This playlist has something for every situation. I originally had Fourarms as a "Power" form, but swapped for Bloxx because shapeshifting has utility in more situations and Diamondhead is already pretty strong.

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    • Ultimateporunga9000 wrote:
      ...Diamondhead: I could sell parts of myself for a fortune

      I also have same opinion :)

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    • 1. Heatblast

      2. Atomix

      3. Toepick

      4. Squidstrictor

      5. Upgrade

      6. Grey Matter

      7. Fasttrack

      8. Goop

      9. Ghostfreak

      10. NRG


      11. Shellhead

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    • 1. Atomix [i love the way he talks]

      2.NRG [N   R   G]

      3.Waybig [Bruh this problem is "Way big" for you

      4. Upgrade [Y'know why]

      5. Blitzwolfer [Y'not? being a cool wolf man!]

      6. Goop [to slip and slide on people to anoy them]

      7. toepick [so ya know not to bully me]

      8. Big chill [Best alien]

      9. Nanomech [Sneaky spy boi]

      10. XLR8 [Dont need to go to school, just run to the shops, steal without detectors noticing [speed is too fast for it to notice] and arrive at school like a boss]

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    • 1. XLR8 - hes fast i will not be late, i will won a race

      2. Heatblast - make a camp, burn tree for furnace, for food, not be cold

      3. Way Big - be strong and big to destroy my rival, enemy

      4. Clockwork - stop time, stop someone, launch time beam

      5. Waterhazard - water for swim, drink, clean

      6. Big Chill - freeze someone, freeze fire, freeze water

      7. Diamondhead - shoot shards, practice shooting

      8. Fourarms - strong, practice, punch, kick my rivals ass

      9. Cannonbolt - roll, bowling, splash in water

      10. Shocksquatch - electric, electric things to repair

      I know i only can put 10 but Chromastone will replace 7 if Diamondhead got destroyed, Alien X when unlocked will replace Clockwork

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    • Only using the versions from the original continuity, not the rebbot continuity-

      1. Loboan (Benwolf/Blitzwolfer's species)

      2. Chimera Sui Generis (Vilgax' species)

      3. Osmosian (I don't care what Omniverse says!)

      4. Dragon (Yes its a thing, look it up)

      5. Kineceleran (XLR8's species)

      6. Detrovite (Vulcanus' species)

      7. Splixson (Ditto's species

      8. Tetramand (Four Arms' species)

      9. Opticoid (Eye Guy's species)

      10. Appoplexian (Rath's species)

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    • idc about other aliens i just want alien x so i can get EVERY ALIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I'd have everyone.

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    • 1. Eye Guy 2. Arcticguana 3. Fasttrack 4. Splitter 5. Chromastone

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    • I’m trying to start a conversation on how George Washington and old George and forever knights where George Washington enemy in just want some comments and conversations please on the thread please

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    • XLR8 Rath Anur System Aliens as a fusion Ripjaws Armodrillo Chamalien Jetray Snakepit Feedback Big Chill

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