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Thomas Jingles

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Thomas Jingles
Mr. Jinggle
General Information
Species Human
Elf (formerly)
Home World Earth
Age Unknown (deceased)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Magic
Alias Mr. Jingles
Voice Actor Richard Doyle
First Appearance Merry Christmas

Thomas Jingles, referred to as Mr. Jingles, was a Christmas-obsessed old man who appeared in Merry Christmas where he ran a village stuck in the early 1930s for 84 years, using several children as elves because of the "Jinglelator".

Ben eventually destroyed the machine and freed the children and the entire village from the curse.


He has a white beard, gray eyes and wears a red and white hat, and green and red clothes.


Ben 10

Jingles normal

Thomas as a human

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