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The Worst

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The Worst
General Information
Species Unknown
Body Blob-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Durability
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance Outbreak

The Worst is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet.


The Worst is a yellow fat and somewhat "plump" blob-like alien with a pair of green underwear with white stripes on it. He has elephant-like feet with 3 toes and bear-like hands with 3 claws. He also has wart type bumps on his forehead and both arms.

The Worst's Omnitrix symbol is located in his belly button.

Powers and Abilities

The Worst can withstand heavy attacks due to his soft body.


In Outbreak, the Worst made his debut when Driba and Blukic tried to fix the Omnitrix. Later, he tried to stop Liam, Fistina, Bubble Helmet and Psyphon along with a group of Plumbers.


Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Brazil) O Pior From o pior, the worst.
Spanish (Spain) El Peor From el peor, the worst.
French Le pire From the worst
Spanish (Hispanic America) Peor From peor, worst.
Greek Ο Χειτόρερος From ο χειρότερος, the worst
Polish Najgorszy From najgorszy, worst.
German  Der Schlimmste From der schlimmste, the worst.
Italian Il Peggiore Translation of its originale name



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