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The Unnaturals

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The Unnaturals
General Information
Original broadcast March 17, 2007
Series Ben 10
Season 3
Episode number 35
Overall episode number 35
Written by Marty Isenberg
Directed by Scooter Tidwell
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Previous episode Under Wraps
Next episode Monster Weather

The Unnaturals is the thirty-fifth episode of Ben 10.


The Tennysons go to Philadelphia to watch a baseball game involving their hometown team. The Cannons pitted against a rival team called the Squires. Ben isn't happy to discover that JT and Cash are on the Cannons, who explains that 4 members of the team have gotten sick and had to be replaced. Ben is given a wedgie and realizes that he could have made the team, by default.

During the game, XLR8 sabotages Cash and JT before acting in favor of the team. After the first inning, Gwen analyzes footage she took of the game and discovered XLR8. But after some further digging, she discovers that the Squires have no past before this season and that they all share names with a bunch of famous old-time players.

Meanwhile, Ben's enjoying a snack break when he discovers JT and Cash being kidnapped by the Squires. He follows them to a warehouse where robotic duplicates have been made of them. At this point, Gwen and Max mount a rescue and Diamondhead levels the warehouse and rescue Max, Gwen, JT and Cash. Gwen discovers that the Squires are a ruse to infiltrate the game and kidnap the president who's in attendance. They decide to sneak in Ben by switching him with Cash.

After Ben narrowly wins the game for the Cannons, the Squires transform into war machines and attempt to kidnap the president. Four Arms saves the president, and stops the robot from killing as Ben. After the fight, the president thanks Cash and JT (mistaking Cash for Ben due to the fact that Ben was wearing Cash's uniform when he saved the president) and XLR8 gets his revenge on the duo by hanging them on a sign. Meanwhile, Enoch and the Forever Knights enter the stadium and says that the Tennysons will pay with their lives for foiling his plans.



Aliens Used



Cash: Oh, I know some things about courage.

(XLR8 speeds up to JT and Cash and hangs them up on the Little League Museum board in a flash)
Cash: Not again.

XLR8: That doesn't mean I'm not a sore loser.
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Grandpa Max: They're getting away with the Liberty Bell!

Ben: Not if XLR8 has anything to say about it. (transforms into Grey Matter)
Gwen: Evidently, he doesn't.

Grey Matter: Oh, man!
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Ben: How did you two jer... guys make the team anyway?

Cash: Talent. 100% pure talent!

JT: And four other guys got chicken pox.
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Ben: If I just went hero, I'd win every one of those stupid games.
Gwen: Sure, use the most powerful device in the universe to cheat at Whack-a-Mole. Real nice.
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(The commander robot self destructs and falls apart.)
Gwen: You're OUT! Come on. Even I couldn't resist.
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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Brazil) Os Desnaturados The Denatured
Spanish (Latin America) Los Anormales The Abnormal
Spanish (Spain) Algo Antinatural Something Unnatural


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