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The Ring Leader
General Information
Series Ben 10 (Reboot)
Season 1
Episode number 2
Written by Steven T. Seagle
Story by Bismarck Datuin
Monica Ray
Episode Guide
Previous episode Waterfilter
Next episode The Filth
Gallery Cast Errors
The Ring Leader is the second episode of Ben 10.


The episode starts with Ben and Gwen playing a Sumo Slammers match, which Ben wins by distracting Gwen. Grandpa Max consoles Gwen's loss and calls Ben's win not a real victory. He tells them about wrestling, before going to sleep.

Ben and Gwen see a poster for a wrestling tournament, after which Ben turns into XLR8 and stitches himself a costume, calling himself "The Crushster". Ben transforms into Four Arms while in the costume. Gwen and Ben leave the RV, hoping to win a $1,000 prize. While at the arena, Gwen becomes Ben's manager, and she tells him what to do. Ben, as Four Arms, ends up defeating several opponents, and is moved up to the final round, against Iron Kyle.

While fighting Iron Kyle, Four Arms is thrown around the arena. Once it is revealed that he has four arms, the audience and Four Arms' previous opponents boo him, accusing him of cheating. Gwen temporarily distracts Iron Kyle, allowing Four Arms to knock him to the ground. Four Arms attempts to end the match, but reverts while on Iron Kyle's chest. Ben spits at Iron Kyle, and he notices his weakness to electricity.

Ben transforms into Overflow, and proceeds to spray Iron Kyle with water, knocking the suit off of him and revealing him to be a "nerd". The audience reacts in shock to this sudden revelation, with some expressing grief due to now knowing the true nature of "Iron" Kyle. Kyle is ultimately disqualified due to this incident, and Ben is disqualified for his usage of the Omnitrix. After being kicked out of the arena, Ben and Kyle have an argument over who was cheating, with them eventually fighting each other in Sumo Slammers. The episode ends with Max asking who Kyle was.

Major Events




Aliens Used



Bill: Iron Kyle has been revealed to be... Just a nerd in a robot suit!
Steve: It wasn't a metaphor at all, Bill. His body was literally made out of iron, I mean, how could we had been so gullible...
Kyle: Heh heh... Hey everybody, it's me, uh, Iron Kyle! Iron Kyle! No? Okay...

Quotes Right


Ben: You built a giant robot suit just to win wrestling matches? Could you be anymore of a cheater!.
Kyle: You're one to talk Mr. "I turn into aliens" guy.
Ben: You were hurting people!
Kyle: I was winning! Something you won't know anything about.

Quotes Right


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