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The Great One

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The Great One
Great One
General Information
Age Unknown (deceased)
Affiliations Leader Alien (worshipper)
Enforcer Alien (worshipper)
Interpreter Alien (worshipper)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Planet Energy Absorption
Hard Shell
Energy Reflection
Acidic Slime Projection
Slime Projection
Alias Big Tick
First Appearance The Big Tick

The Great One was a giant, tick-like alien that traveled from world to world, sucking the energy from the planets it landed on to feed itself.


The Great One came to Earth in The Big Tick, planning to devour it. It was destroyed from the inside by Cannonbolt.

The Great One was responsible for the complete destruction of Arburia, Cannonbolt's home planet, about a week before it tried to destroy Earth, a somewhat ironic accomplishment considering its death at the hands of an Arburian Pelarota, a species native to Arburia.

Powers and Abilities

The Great One's absorption process poisoned and eventually made the planet it fed on implode. It also caused the landscape to mutate as an extra defense, making it very difficult to attack.

The Great One's shell was nearly impenetrable as Grandpa Max and Gwen used its fallen shells to fend of the Great One's followers attacks (which didn't even scratch the shells). Also, none of Ben's aliens were able to break the shell until he finally used Cannonbolt to destroy it from the inside after it shed some of its shell.

The Great One secreted slime while shedding, which was sometimes acidic.

On top of that, the Great One was followed by a group of worshippers that wanted to make sure that it completed its task.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French Le Grand Sauveur,
La Tique géante (alias)
Le Grand Sauveur, from "Grand Savior"
La Tique geante, from "Giant Tick"
Portuguese (Brazil) O Grande (alias) O Grande, from "The Great One" or "The Big".
Hispanic America El Grande El Grande, the big


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  • The Great One is similar to Galactus, a Fantastic Four Villain from the Marvel Universe, also well known for destroying entire planets in order to absorb their vast energy resources.

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