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The Filth

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The Filth
3. The Filth
General Information
Series Ben 10 (Reboot)
Season 1
Episode number 3
Written by Duncan Rouleau
Story by Ryan Kramer
Andrew Stewart
Episode Guide
Previous episode The Ring Leader
Next episode Freaky Gwen Ben
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The Filth is the third episode of Ben 10.


Ben is tasked with cleaning the Rust Bucket, but when he is tricked into letting the villainous and vile Fly Guys Maurice and Sydney steal it, he must chase them down before they create an unstoppable maggot monster.

Major Events



  • Maurice
  • Sydney
  • Magg-O-Net Monster

Aliens Used



Four Arms: So, let me get this straight. You stole our RV, so you can fuel that trash machine, to power a magnet that attracts maggots? To make a monster, that would eat Las Vegas? Whatever, TIME TO THROW STUFF!

Quotes Right



  • This was aired as the first episode in Australia and Asia.
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