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The Resolute
General Information
User Tetrax (Owner)
Gluto (Pilot)
Type Spacecraft
First Appearance Ben 10: Secret of The Omnitrix

The Resolute is the spacecraft used by Tetrax Shard to travel in space, the ship is manned by Tetrax (owner and pilot in Alien Force) and Gluto (the pilot in the original series).

It first appeared in Ben 10: Secret of The Omnitrix, where Tetrax comes to Earth to carry Ben, in search of the creator of the Omnitrix, due to the Omnitrix's SDM in a quest to deactivate it.

In the film we see that the ship has: control port, the cargo area, the camera simulation and training. It has a sophisticated navigation system and high security system. The ship had to be admitted as a garbage truck to enter Incarcecon. The ship itself is very durable as it crashed into a rock formation and didn't get damaged much; and at Incarcecon the ship was getting hit by lasers and still didn't get affected.

The Resolute appears again in Alien Force, in the episode The Secret of Chromastone. In this occasion it is a lighter color and silver and in this appearance it is not being piloted by Gluto.

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