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General Information
Home World Khoros
Predator Sand Rippers
Body Four-armed Humanoid
Powers and abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Jumping
Sonic Clap
First Appearance Washington B.C.

Tetramand (a play on the Greek "tetra", meaning "four" and "mand", meaning "arms") are an alien species from the desert planet Khoros.



  • Four Arms in the Original Series
  • Four Arms in Ultimate Alien
  • Four Arms in Omniverse
  • Gwen as Four Arms in the Original Series
  • Looma Red Wind
  • Tini
  • Kolar
  • Gar Red Wind
  • Gorvan
  • An adult male Tetramand
  • An adult male Tetramand
  • An adult male Tetramand
  • An adult male Tetramand
  • An elderly male Tetramand

Tetramands are a buff and bulky species. Most Tetramands are red, but blue and brown ones have been seen. Tetramands have spikes on their arms. They have 2 front toes on each foot. Tetramands appear to have an additional set of smaller pectoral muscles below their primary set to help move their second set of arms.


Generally speaking, Tetramands are aggressive, and are not at all reluctant to use violence.

Because female Tetramands are traditionally stronger than males, they are in turn considered the better warriors, and due to this, if a male Tetramand manages to defeat a female Tetramand, the male becomes the female's chosen husband.

As a Tetramandian custom, the bride collects four items before a wedding: "Something conquered, something bruised, something severed, and something blue."

Tetramands are not very amicable towards outsiders, as in the case of Kevin when he went to get one of their indestructible engine blocks for his car. Initially, he was refused and had to agree to marry Princess Looma in three years to be allowed.

Tetramands are very strict in the upholding of their laws; a person whose crime was merely jumping the turnstiles at an auto show was buried up to his neck in sand.


Female Tetramands can reproduce with male humans.


Tetramands make the toughest and most durable engines in the galaxy.

According to Matt Wayne, "Tetramands seem fairly Bronze Age-y for their level of technology".[1]

Powers and Abilities

Tetramands have four very brawly arms. Due to this, Tetramands have a considerable advantage in close hand-to-hand combat, and while not really martial artists, Tetramands have developed an arsenal of specialized maneuvers that make use of their prodigious physiology, with a heavy emphasis on power blows and grappling holds, and they are able to use a variety of melee and ranged-weapons simultaneously. A favorite move is a sonic wave that is produced by smashing together all four hands concurrently.

Tetramands have dense, armor-plated skin.

With their incredibly strong legs, a Tetramand can jump at a height of several stories.


Sick Four Arms
Tetramand infected with a cold virus

If a Tetramand is infected with an Earth cold virus, they become significantly weakened in strength and agility, and they get hives under their arm pits.

A Tetramand's size makes them easy targets.

Notable Tetramands

Tetramand Hybrids

Tetramand hybrids are part Tetramand, part other species due to a mutation or interbreeding.

Tetramand/Human Hybrids

Manny Armstrong Render
Manny Armstrong is the result of a female Tetramand and a male human having a child.


Manny resembles a Tetramand, but is much smaller and thinner.


Like Tetramands, Manny is aggressive, and is not at all reluctant to use violence or fight.

Powers and Abilities

Manny has enhanced strength, but is not as strong as a regular Tetramand.

Like Tetramands, Manny has thick skin, providing enhanced durability.


Unlike a Tetramand, Manny can be harmed by fire.

Tetramand/Human/Osmosian Hybrids


Six Arms and Ben 001
Kevin had dark red skin, two large arms with visible veins and four human arms coming out of his chest and waist. He had two Tetramand eyes and one human eye.

Powers and Abilities

Kevin has regular Tetramand strength.

Tetramand/Lepidopterran Hybrids

High TytoAdded by High Tyto

Stink Arms was the result of an Omnitrix malfunction, resulting in a hybrid of Four Arms and Stinkfly.


Stink Arms retains a Tetramand body, but has a Lepidopterran tail, eyes and wings.

Powers and Abilities

Stink Arms has enhanced strength, but is not as strong as a regular Tetramand.

Stink Arms has limited flight.


Stink Arms's size made it hard for him to fly.

Notable Tetramand Hybrids

  • Manny (1/2 Tetramand 1/2 Human)
  • Stink Arms (1/2 Tetramand 1/2 Lepidopterran)
  • Kevin (1/3 Tetramand 1/3 Human 1/3 Osmosian)
  • Kevin 11 (1/11 Tetramand)
  • Ultimate Kevin (part Tetramand)


  • The Shokans from the Mortal Kombat series share some similarities with Tetramands like 4 arms, 2 toes and amazing strength.
  • It is mentioned in Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens that the pyramids were built by the Tetramands.


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