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Terraspin is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Geochelone Aerio from the planet Aldabra in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Terraspin is a green, turtle-like alien with eight holes in his shell. He also has large, flipper-like arms and stumpy legs. The tips of his arms have three holes each, which can extend finger-like claws to use as fingers.

In Omniverse, Terraspin now has six holes instead of eight, has brown spots on his upper legs, toes, and shoulders, and has a hexagonal body shape rather than circular. The black stripes under his eyes are thicker. His skin is now green instead of a tan/brown. His feet have gained toes as well.

Terraspin wears the Ultimatrix/Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

TGIS (171)

Terraspin's aerokinesis

Terraspin can create devastating wind blasts. When doing so, he retracts his head into his shell, opens a hatch to see, his fins become triangular, and his legs combine into a similar shape. His shell stays static and suspended while his limbs rotate at absurd speeds. The holes on Terraspin's shell eject powerful winds, as well as do the vice versa to create strong vacuums. He can use his winds to fly, blowing air to hover over the surface and uses his rotating limbs as propellers. In Cosmic Destruction, Terraspin was able to use his powers to blast himself forward and up ramps.

Terraspin possesses enhanced strength, as Galapagus was able to lift and throw a car. He also has superhuman durability when he is completely withdrawn into his shell. 

Terraspin can extend the black holes at the tips of his flippers into finger-like claws. 

Terraspin is selectively immune to spells and Mana.

Terraspin, as revealed in The More Things Change: Part 2, is immune to poisonous gas.

Like all Geochelone Aerios, Terraspin is capable of using magic, but doesn't know how.


If Terraspin's holes on his chest get blocked, his wind powers will decrease.

If Terraspin gets stuck to something and can't spin his arms and legs, his wind powers will be decreased even further.

Unless he is flying, Terraspin's body is cumbersome and not very agile. The position of his face gives him a very big blind spot and he has to turn his entire body around to see behind him.

If a small object is jammed in Terraspin's shell, it can cause him to stop in order to remove the obstruction.

Terraspin can be affected by magic if he isn't using his magic immunity.





Video Games

Terraspin xbox 03

Terraspin in Cosmic Destruction

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

  • Terraspin is one of the Andromeda Galaxy aliens playable in the game.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Тайфун From тайфун, typhoon
Chinese 旋风神龟 From 旋风 (Xuàn Fēng), tornado, and 神龟 (Shén Guī), turtle
Croatian Teraspin From the original English name
Dutch Cyclospin From cyclone and spin
French Tornade From tornade, tornado
German Turbostürmer From turbo and sturm, storm
Greek Κινητή Γη From κινητή, spin, and γη, terra
Hungarian Búgócsiga From bugócsiga, humming top
Italian Vortice From vortice, vortex
Polish Terrawiatr From terra and wiatr, wind
Portuguese (Br) Tartagira From tartaruga, turtle, and girar, spin.
Romanian Rotorterra From rotor, rotor, and terra, earth
Russian Черепаха From черепаха, turtle
Spanish (HA) Tortutornado From tortuga, turtle, and tornado
Spanish (Spain) Torbellino From torbellino, twister
Turkish Terraspin From the original English name


Terraspin's name is a portmanteau of terrapin, which is a turtle or tortoise, as well as "spin", referencing his ability to do so.


  • Terraspin and the other Andromeda aliens have their powers related to a certain element, for Terraspin it's wind.
  • Terraspin resembles the Japanese monster Gamera. Both were turtle like in appearance, both could fly, both look roughly similar, both could draw into their shells and both could spin while in their shells either as an attack or a form of flight.
  • Terraspin is the Alien of the Month in March.
  • Terraspin went through many name changes during development, but the early names were all shut down by the writer's legal team[1]



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