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The Taydenite car is a very valuable alien car created by the Tetramands. It was also one of the four alien cars stolen by Otto and the Violet Offenders in OTTO Motives.


Inside taydenite car

Otto and one of the Violet Offenders inside the car

The car is mostly bluish-turquoise, being made almost entirely out of Taydenite, with a yellow headlight in the front.


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Powers and Abilities

As well as being able to outrace Kevin's car and the Proto-TRUK, the Taydenite car is constructed of Taydenite, the hardest substance in the known universe, making it quite durable, as demonstrated in its debut where it was utilized to pierce heavy infinitum doors.

Also, as stated by Rook, it is also literally made of money since Taydenite is an alien form of currency.


The Taydenite car and the three other alien cars stolen by the Violet Offenders


Ben 10: Omniverse


  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, despite the fact that no one in the universe has the money to buy it, Kevin is keeping the Taydenite car, but will rebuild his old car and can chip little pieces of the Taydenite car for when he needs some money.[1][2]