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Taydenite in the floor
General Information
User Various
Type Mineral
Energy Source
First Appearance Kevin's Big Score

Taydenite is the rarest gem in the Milky Way Galaxy. Vulkanus is known to deal in it. It can also be used to power star ships.


Taydenite first appeared in the episode Kevin's Big Score. When Kevin arrives looking to obtain an important item (a holo-viewer from Grandpa Max), Vulkanus decides to get back at him for a previous betrayal by forcing Kevin to recursively absorb a small piece of Taydenite which his minions continued to mine off of him, giving Vulkanus an endless supply. However, he is foiled by Ben and Gwen who arrive to save Kevin. Rather than attempt to arrest him, however, Kevin leaves Vulkanus with the small fortune in crystals he had managed to chip off beforehand, considering it as payment for his past actions.

Tayden bucket

In Con of Rath, the group needed some Taydenite to power their ship. They encountered Vulkanus and his minions, fighting them for the Taydenite. Ben (as Rath) unleashed a shockwave that ruined most of Vulkanus' supply.

In Too Hot to Handle, Kevin was in possession of a large Taydenite crystal, which he used to accidentally free P'andor from his containment suit.

In The More Things Change: Part 1, Mr. Baumann paid with pieces of Taydenite as pizzo to Bubble Helmet.

In OTTO Motives, Gar Red Wind rewarded Kevin by giving him a car made of Taydenite.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Spanish (HA) Tadenita (before OTTO Motives)
Taydenita (since OTTO Motives)
From the original English name


  • Taydenite is the only material known to be capable of penetrating the metal of Prypiatosian-B's containment suits.
  • Taydenite is the most precious material in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Taydenite is revealed to be the power source for a Takion 930 starship in the episode Con of Rath.
Picture 1kkk
  • Kevin claims (and Dwayne confirmed) that "nothing is harder than taydenite".
  • Through their rarity, Taydenite is often seen being used as currency. They are sometimes called "Taydens" in this case, and shown as small chips.

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