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Target Rath

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The characters and/or events depicted in this article are non-canon to the main series' continuity.
Target Rath
C9 281286 0 Ben10TargetRath1TargetRath
General Information
Series Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Issue Nº 1
Publisher DC
Cartoon Network
Pgs. 8
Price $12.99

Target Rath is the first Ben 10: Ultimate Alien comic book published by DC Comics.


It starts off with Swampfire in his car with Sixsix and Kraab firing lasers at him. He then goes on to say how he got into this mess and saying that the queen of Lewoda needs him to rescue aliens that have been held hostage. So he takes the Rust Bucket 3 to the planet when Ben gets there he finds out that Sixsix and Kraab just said that to get him there and take revenge. Ben then defeats them by transforming into Chromastone. After Sixsix and Kraab are defeated, Jarett appears with some henchmen commanding Ben to turn into Rath to take revenge on Ben as Rath because Rath defeated him before. So Ben did and easily defeats him then Ben commands the Plumbers to arrest Jaret. It comes with the Comic Pack Rath with Sixsix.



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