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Armodrillo full
General Information
Home World Terraexcava
Predator Unknown
Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Digging
Earth Tremors
Earth Eruption
Jackhammer Arms
Drill Arms
Enhanced Durability
First Appearance Escape from Aggregor

Talpaedans are a robotic, armadillo-like species from Terraexcava, a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy.


  • Armodrillo in Ultimate Alien
  • Armodrillo in Omniverse
  • Toolboxx, a Dimension 23 Talpeadan
  • Negative Armodrillo
  • Andreas

Talpaedans look like a cross between rodents and robots. They have hard yellow armored skin. Their arms contain jackhammer parts, which are also present on their hands and other places. They have a tail. They have four fingers and three toes. Talpaedans from Dimension 23 tend to be blue.

Powers and Abilities

Talpaedans can move through solid earth and rock.

Talpaedans are heavily armored and have powerful organic pneumatic drills built into their forearms, which they can use to create earthquakes, dig tunnels, pummel enemies and batter buildings, even mountains, down to rubble.

Talpaedans have a jackhammer punch, so when they throw just one punch at an enemy, it is like being hit a hundred times.

Talpaedans have incredible strength, being shown to throw large robots with ease.

Notable Talpaedans

Notable Talpaedan Hybrids


The name Talpaedan is derived from Talpidae, which is a name for a family of mammals that includes subterranean animals such as moles.

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