Ben and Julie are shopping for treats for a movie they're about to see, but when Julie sees their faces on some magazines, they discover that their relationship is revealed in public! As Julie walked out of the shop for a minute, three of Ben's enemies, Hammer, Surgeon and the cowardly Buzz, snatch her and escape. Ben goes after them, but he loses them in some traffic. When Buzz phones him, his partners holding Julie hostage, he tells Ben that if he gives them the Ultimatrix, Julie's life will be spared. Angered and ashamed, Ben blames himself for his public relationship. But luckily, he comes up with a cunning plan to save Julie. At midnight at the docks, Ben meets the three kidnappers with Julie tied up in their arms. He gives them the Ultimatrix and unties Julie after she's thrown safely into his arms. Luckily, Ben fooled the crooks that the Ultimatrix they have is just a toy! As Julie hid safely behind Ben, he changes to Armodrillo and scares Buzz, Surgeon and Hammer as they ran off terrified. But thankfully, Ben also called a SWAT team to put the villains behind bars. As Ben apologized to Julie for their relationship being public, she accepts and says that a superhero's girlfriend is always in harm's way until being saved. She hugs Ben, happily and coyly says to him that he always saves her life every time. He then says to Julie that she can always count on it as they embraced, happily.



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