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TKO (Titanic Kungfubot Offensive) is a multiplayer online game on Cartoon Network where you battle as famous Cartoon Network characters in robot form. It has thirteen Ben 10 characters you can play as.

Playable Ben 10 Characters


  • Swampfire
  • Big Chill
  • Kevin Levin
  • DNAlien
  • Vilgax
  • Ultimate Humungousaur
  • Ultimate Echo Echo
  • Ultimate Big Chill
  • Rath
  • Armodrillo
  • Clockwork
  • Shocksquatch
  • Upgrade Rex


  • Fireball
  • Vine Spike
  • Special: Inferno Blast

Big Chill

  • Cold Rush
  • Chill Out
  • Special: Ice Quake

Kevin Ethan Levin

  • Uppercut
  • Leap Kick
  • Special: Sky Throw


  • Goo Spit
  • Tentacle Grab
  • Special: Orbital Assault


  • Ruby Ray
  • Cyber Kick
  • Special: Eye of Destruction

Ultimate Humungousaur

  • Humongo-Slam
  • Seismic Stomp
  • Special: Missile Burst

Ultimate Echo Echo

  • Sonic Disc
  • Sound Barrier
  • Special: Echo Chamber

Ultimate Big Chill

  • Ice Flames
  • Freezing Fire Cloud
  • Special: Frost Inferno


  • Shockwave Punch
  • Tiger Claw
  • Special: Lemme Tell Ya Something!


  • Earth Drill
  • Terra Firma
  • Special: Mega Drill


  • Time Stop
  • Temporal Jump
  • Special: Chrono Blast


  • Ball Lightning
  • Electrosphere
  • Special: Tesla Tower

Upgrade Rex

  • Blastcaster
  • Funchucks
  • Special: Boogie Pack Bola


  • Big Chill is the only alien that is playable along with his Ultimate form, Ultimate Big Chill.
  • There are 13 Ben 10 Characters in T.K.O. and 3 of them are Ultimates.
  • When loading for battle Ultimate Humungousaur vs his opponent, the name Ultimate Humungousaur misspelled as "Humungousaur". 
  • Shocksquatch's Ultimatrix symbol is grey instead of green in the character selection.

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