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Swampfire Nano

The Swampfire Nano is a mini vesion of him to support the Hero in the game, Fusion Fall.


The Swampfire Nano resembles Swampfire from Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.


Nano Powers

Fusionfall - Nano Swampfire Powers
Swampfire's Nano Powers
Brandon 10Added by Brandon 10

Heat Stroke Sleep-Area

Swampfire's Heatwave causes nearby monsters to pass out

Swamp Gas Sleep-Cone

A concentrated Blast of Swamp Gas puts targeted emnies to sleep

Creeping Vine Sneak-Self

This stealthy power allows you to sneak past your foes


  • Swampfire is the 1st Nano earned by the Player that is based off Ben 10 before the anniversity including Alien X.
  • He is a Cosmix.
  • Swampfire surprisingly doesn't have regeneration abilities as a Nano instead he has 2 sleep attacks based on his swamp gas and his flames.
  • Even though Fusion Gwen had the Swampfire DNA she wasn't the nano host instead it was Ben who had received the sample from Fusion Gwen before the attack.
  • He is the only nano with 2 fusions to defeat in order to be received.
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